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Day 5: What OP/ED is your anime theme song? Ok so Ive heard my far share of anime songs and most of the time I skip through the opening or ending song when watching the anime. But there are a few exceptions... (=ↀωↀ=)
Blast of Tempest Opening 1: Spirit Inspiration This song is done in english so I find my self singing it often or humming the tune all the time. Plus watching it gets me so hype for the show, I just can't look away!
Baccano! Opening: Guns & Roses When I watching Baccano every time the opening came on I just didn't have it in me to skip through it, the song is WAY to good even though I doesn't have any lyrics
Kekkai Sensen Ending: Sugar Song to Bitter Step I don't watch ending and lets be honest, who does? I saw a bit of this ending my accident once when watching the show and I couldn't look away. The characters are dancing... Dancing I say!!
Katanagatari Opening 3: Hakushu Kassai Utaawase This song gets me so hype and I want to start dancing around my house. Ive always thought the art they used in this anime was really cool so when they tied it with this song I thought it was perfect
*heavy breathing because to cuteness* See *huff* y-you *huff* tomorrow... *dies* WORTH IT
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Same with the Kekkai xD