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yahohohoho day 5
yahohohohoho I would say my op to my anime theme song would be Asian kungfu generation: after dark from bleach's op 7
and for the ed flow niji no sora for naruto shippuden ed 34
I don't know how to do links yahohohoho and also my nakama check them out yahohohohoho @hikaymm @SymoneBelcher @Bestfluteever @SymoneBelcher @mimi040910 @MimmiBumble01 and they're many more but it's so hard to remember the names yahohohohohoho
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@MimmiBumble01 yahohohohoho that ed makes me happy and sad each time I love it
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i get u @SunnyMing94
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@MimmiBumble01 yahohohohoho somehow I knew you would nakama
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@SunnyMing94 well... im one of your nakama after all 馃榿
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@MimmiBumble01 yahohohohoho you are very right nakama yahohohohoho
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