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Oh My God! I can't believe that we're already at part 15! I looked at the number of pages that are for this story, there is 83 pages of this story. So shocking! I can't believe how fast that went within 10 days or so.
Sarah This is amazing! And best part, I don't think this is ending for a while lol
So my lovely co-host @SarahVanDorn had her Part 14 up early early this morning and now I start this evening with part 15! Yey
Jenni and sarah both got up and left to go to work at the same time. Aside from being lazy, watching more dramas and talking about the concert. Of course in the morning they still did. When they got into work they took their seats and started looking through the papers.
“Hey I'll be right back I'm going to the bathroom “ Jenni said grabbing her bag. The cramping was starting and knew it was that time of month, oh god did it hurt. In the bathroom the cleaning lady was there and with a little bit of pleading let her use the restroom.
After washing her hands she wiped her face and all of of a sudden there was a burning sensation in them.
“it burns it burns” Jenni repeated drawing the attention of the cleaning lady. She stared for a moment before saying something and hearing bleach in the sentence.
“Did I just put bleach all over my eyes?”Jenni questioned trying to stay calm.
“Yes miss “ the lady said.
“Omg what do i do?” she questioned.
“Open your eyes and rinse” the lady said a phone started ringing. “is that your phone miss?” she asked handing it to me, It was probably Sarah calling to see what was taking so long.
“I’ll get paper towels “the lady said a Jenni answered her phone,
“I got bleach in my eyes”Jenni said answering the phone. “ I can't see a thing start without me” she went on.
“What happened?” a masculine voice spoke up. Oh someone else had been calling her.
“I don't know but my eyes sting.” her phone started to vibrate letting her know that her alarm for work was going off.
“I have to go Joonie. I'll call you after the show.” she said.
“Text me and let me know you're okay” Namjoon said.
“will do. Sorry I can’t talk long right now.” she said. Than hung up.
The cleaning lady helped her rinse out her eyes and the big baby complained about it hurting. Jenni hadn’t wanted to keep her eyes opened as the water was squirted into her eyes but they were kept open with her fingers. After a few moments like that the lady handed her a wet paper towel that she used to wipe at her eyes. When she was through her eyes were red and swollen and she could only see blurry objects but at least her eyes felt clean.
“there's another favor I have to ask of you” Jenni said grabbing onto the ladies arm. “Can you walk me to the studio?” she asked. The woman said yes with a chuckle and guided her back. Sarah had already started the show and was talking. Julia questioned what happened.
“I got bleach in my eyes”Jenni grumbled. “I'll laugh about it later” she added. Thanking the lady she made her way into the booth and sat down. A moment later Sarah was turning music on and taking off her headphones.
“What happened to your face?” Sarah questioned.
“Sorry sorry” Jenni said putting her hands together. “I had a little problem in the bathroom” she said.
“Did you cry your eyes out?” sarah questioned.
“No. I got bleach in them and than had to scrub my eyes out. I may not be able to see all that well now but for some reason my eyes feel especially clean.” Jenni said.
“Do I want to know how you did that?” she questioned.
“No, no you really don’t” Jenni looked away and put on her headphones just to hear the end of the song. “Flip the switch, were back on” Jenni said and Sarah did so.
“So hope that song was a good start to your day! It’s the beginning of the week and were back in the studio. Ruby how was your weekend?” Sarah said.
“Better than I could have thought! A lot seemed to happen over the weekend! Can you believe the new drama’s that came out I finally got to watch the rest of Another Oh Hae Young. Who's with me on how amazing that show is!” Jenni said.
“I’m more for Beautiful Gong Shim. That is one funny drama” Sarah said.
“We finally got to binge watch all these show’s that are wrapping up. And I heard that Another Oh Hae Young was on the top 3 viewed shows it’s first week.” Jenni said looking at her notes, her eyesight was slowly coming back.
“You know what else happened this weekend!” Sarah said excitedly.
“Got7?” Jenni questioned.
“Got7! They had a concert this weekend and yours truly went to see them. We even handed them a business card. Who knows maybe they’ll actually contact us and come on the show” Sarah went on to say. Jenni gave her a look thinking oh gosh we're going to start down this path once more.
“That would be so cool if they did” Jenni grinned. “Yea Diamond here surprised me with going to the concert the other day. I was shocked, shocked mostly by the fact that she kept it a secret for so long” Jenni said.
“I did an amazing job keeping it to myself. Thankfully we have had some pretty interesting things going on in the studio to keep my mind off it” Sarah said proud of herself. “But if we had them in the studio, the possibilities” She mused.
“You know I would want to hear them do a song again. We’ve had a couple sneak peaks of singers singing here” Jenni said. “After seeing them at the concert I just oh my god” she exclaimed.
“Anyone else get to go to the concert? Let’s hear what you people have to say if they went, or if they end up getting to come on the show” Sarah said opening up the floor for callers.
They had a few callers, not to many but they had two calls that they took. The second caller had gone to the concert.
“I wish i could have gotten closer. I was all the way in the back and they looked like cute little ant’s on stage” She gushed.
“I bet you had a concert hangover the next day. “ Sarah said.
“I completely did. I work at a starbucks so I was on my way into work and I heard you talking about got7 and just had to call in. I would absolutely love it if you could have them on the show!” she was so enthusiastic about it.
“See, other people want them on the show too” Sarah stated making Jenni laugh.
“I know, I do too, Who said I didn’t!” Jenni laughed again. “So caller what would be something you would want to hear from them” she asked.
“Well like what you did with bts. I would love it to hear them say Noona, though maybe you would let them say it to a couple callers” she said.
“That would be pretty awesome to do. I think it’s a great idea!” Sarah said.
“We’ll definitely be keeping that in mind!” Jenni said.
“Okay, well I have to go into work! Thanks for talking!” the caller said before hanging up.
“I liked that suggested. Have them call other people Noona, or oppa. That would be so adorable” Jenni said.
“That would be great for our listeners. Interaction!” Sarah agreed.
For the next couple minutes they came up with a couple idea’s they could do if got7 actually was able to come on the show. They filled up the next half hour with it and than changed the topic.
There was discussion about the concert and a little bit more talking about what other concerts had been playing over the weekend. When six o’clock came they ended the show talking about how if got7 didn’t contact them than they would just have to try another way to get there attention.
“So your phone has buzzed several times this whole time” Sarah pointed out.
“Shoot I forgot to message Joonie, I couldn’t see earlier so I had answered a phone call from him thinking it was you and told him I had bleach in my eyes” Jenni explained.
“Explain that to me? How does that happen?” Sarah questioned.
“Well I had been washing my hands and probably touched the counter, and next thing I know the cleaning lady is telling me there was bleach soaking on the counter and I had spread it over my face and got it into my eyes” Jenni told her which made her burst out laughing.
“I can’t believe you didn’t bring that up on air. It would have been so great!” sarah said.
“Maybe next time. It’s still a little to close to the incident to laugh at it. I'm a little afraid of cleaning supplies now though” Jenni shrugged.
"Seriously? Sarah stared at her.
"I've somehow managed to hurt myself with cleaning supplies! How am I supposed to function as a normal human being" Jenni pointed out.
"Your not normal" Sarah said blantly.
"Am I from space?" she questioned.
"No, your from Ruby-ville" Sarah made up a name.
"I like Ruby-ville. I'm surrounded by jewels and happy things" Jenni swayed back and forth.
"I will invade Ruby-ville to get those jewels" Sarah said. Jenni laughed.
"My jewel's. you have diamonds" She said. It was funny how their on air names were after jewels and made pretty good fodder.
"That I do!" She agreed.
“Okay so are we doing breakfast or sleep?” Jenni asked contimplated.
“Breakfast! I’m up for the day” Sarah said.
“Sounds good. You know I”m craving starbucks now ever since we had that caller say she worked there” Jenni said.
“It would be so weird if we went to the one she actually works at” Sarah noted.
“Oh gosh, what a coincidence!” Jenni laughed.
“Text namjoon on our way there” Sarah reminded her.
“Thanks. Almost forgot again!” Jenni pulled out her phone and sent a quick message telling him she was better. Than took a picture of herself with the peace sign and sent it to him. Her eyes weren’t looking as red as before but they still had tears in them, like she was about to cry. The stinging was gone though, that was a good thing.
I tried doing shorter, did it work? Lol this still turned out to be like 3 pages long but I was like oh well, it happened.
So there wasn't to much going on! I hope you all got a good laugh at Jenni, I can finally laugh at it, as a similar situation happened to me the other day while I was working. I think I now have a fear of bleach.
Tag me please!
@JaxomB love the show and Taec does a great job! and oh I like adding a different love interest happening. @FromBlue2U another female entering in on the guys. oh might be a possibility. by the by. you got our bias's right. lol my bae is so Jackson. (tho mark keeps trying to jump in line 😜) @SarahVanDorn Yey update update! lol
ok ok...so I'm about to update...it's sorta short but it's like 1300 words long sooo not real short lol....
@Sweetduella yours is Jackson and @SarahVanDorn is JB.
@SweetDuella Let's Fight Ghost is so funny...and the role is just perfect for my UB Taec. I could just watch him all day. As far as a love triangle goes, I could see someone being jealous over a GOT7 boy paying too much attention to Jenni.
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