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The State of Hawaii has around 17,000 homeless people, all of whom cost the treasury a ton of money in food, shelter, and medical costs. Hawaii now plans to offer them one way plane tickets to the mainland if they have a support network and somewhere to go. This seems like they're saying "not my problem" if you ask me.
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well that sounds good enough for me. but do they have public towels?
summer everyday and they have public showers!
@takashi02 I agree, I didn't know other states have been sending people to Hawaii, I wonder why
Living in hawaii for 20 years I can confirm that what @curtisb said is true. Our unemployment rate is low but it may seem that there are a lot of homeless because they usually live near populated areas such as the beach and business district. Honestly, I'm glad that the state is implementing this program. California and New York have been sending homeless to Hawaii on one-way tickets for years and it has made the tourist areas a lot less friendly than they used to be. It will also give the people the chance to return home if they are financially unable to do so on their own. Win-win situation IMO.
@cheerfulcallie Yeah but Hawaii's unemployment is now 4.6%, much lower than the national average
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