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Sorry this is late so I'll just zip right through it! Which anime character would I want to be reincarnated into!? Well there are so many so I'll just put a few here for now!
Sakamoto-kun!!!! Yup first up is Sakamoto from Haven't you heard, I'm Sakamoto. This guy has it all! He's stylish beyond stylish! Cool, Cooler, Coolest! Yeah any problem in the face of Sakamoto is no problem at all!!!
Also it would be awesome to be the Huminod Typhoon l, Vash the Stamped! He has problems constantly following him around but to him they are nothing more than just some fun games! And he's a complete badass!
And from the anime Date-A-Live I'd pick Shido Itsuka! Why? You're really going to wonder why I would pick him!?!? It should be totally obvious don't you think! Of course cause of Kurumi and all the other beautiful girls wanting him left and right!!
Well that's that people, I just rushed through this to catch up but hope you liked it anyway! @hikaymm @otakudemon10 @tylor619