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...it's fun to watch. I grew up on Anime and I'm pretty sure I won't get tired of it even if I get older because I've had so many memories of memorable series like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Video Girl Ai, etc.
Much like music and books, it gives me hope and picks me up when no one else can or will.
Its like reading a book, but better. More adventure, more stories, more funny moments and memorable characters - its like a vacation from the norm, and I love it.
The adventures- no matter how fairy tale- or fantasy-like it is, somehow it feels like I can relate to my life. The feels- when a character is motivated, inspired, falls then gets back up, I feel their pain and suffering, their happiness and excitements to which some of their words can and have helped me in my own issues and down moments. It's just an overall fun-ness that keeps me wanting more πŸ˜‚
It's my escape from the real world. It's my safe haven
It takes me out of reality
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