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Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of.
Yoongi's POV: We all looked at each other in the mirror. I couldn't believe this was us. "Of course, we'll need to change your hair color. I only styled it, but I have some great ideas that'll make you guys look even better. We'll go after school" Ji-Hye says. I turn to look at her with wide eyes. She only gave us a smile. "T-This is us?" I asked excitedly. She nodded and let's out a sigh of relief. "I added some make-up too. I felt like it fit you guys well and I was right" she says. "Now," she begins again, "let's learn how to walk like a 'bad boy' alright?" We nodded and watched as she leaned back a little and pretended to have a backpack. With that imaginary backpack, she threw it over her shoulder. We watched carefully. She had this expression of boredom on her face as she walked and we tried to mimic the same expression.  "You guys also have your own style. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable" she says. One by one and we started walking towards her. She wasn't strict on how we walked, but she did fix up a few things. "You're leaning a little too forward Jimin" she says. "Oh, like this?" He fixes himself and she nods with a satisfied smile. And for some odd reason, I felt my heart tighten. I didn't like that Ji-Hye was smiling at Jimin. But as I read my thought again I mentally slap myself. Why do I feel like that? There's no reason for me to be upset. I don't even like her. I shake my head and go back to paying attention to Ji-Hye. I saw that she was already looking at me. She smiled at me before she frowned and furrowed her eyebrows, and immediately looked away. I felt my heart skip a beat and millions of questions were flooding my mind. "Yoongi? You alright?" Taehyung asks me. He pats my back and I nod. "So, when we get out here, make sure you don't fall under their stares. You've changed your style so they're going to stare." We pursed our lips and nodded. "So, I want to put this out there before we leave the room. I don't want you guys to stop being yourselves. Yes, you have that bad boy look, but that doesn't mean you can't be yourselves, alright?" Ji-Hye says. We nodded and headed out the nurses office. We took a big breath as we saw students hanging out in the hallways. Ji-Hye stood in front of us. She looked back at us and nodded. She started walking forward and so did we. We took her advice and didn't lean too backwards nor lean too forward and switched on our 'bay boy' attitude. I felt the stares of those of who bullied us everyday nonstop. I turned to look at them and see them whispering to each other with wide eyes. I looked around and a smirk was forming on my face. I relaxed my tensed body and smiled as I looked at Ji-Hye. She was right. Although, she didn't outright say it. I felt like she knew it would come naturally to us. It did and let me just tell you, god did it feel good to do this. I slip my hand in my pocket and the other one around Taehyung. We looked at each other and we felt each other's excitement. After a good moment of watching their mouths drop open, I realized that Ji-Hye was already outside of her classroom. She turned around and looked at all of us. "All right, this is my classroom. I'll see you seven dwarves after school. Bye" she says. She turns around and heads inside her classroom. We start walking back to our classroom feeling better than ever. Wherever we went we've gotten stares. I made eye contact with a girl and I winked at her. She blushed and looked away, looking flustered. The old Yoongi wouldn't have done that. It was like Ji-Hye added some pixie dust on us and poof, we became these different boys. Of course, we were promised that we wouldn't change ourselves completely. 'Just be yourselves' I intend to still be me. *** Lunch came faster than I expected. The guys and I met up and walked towards Ji-Hye's classroom. But she wasn't inside her classroom when we walked inside. Again, the stares. This was nothing to us since we've been stared at for a long time, but not for a good reason. I looked over at a girl and she blushed when we made eye contact. "Do you know where Ji-Hye is?" I asked rather coldly. Which surprised me. I honestly thought it would sound more politely. "She's uh, she's usually on the rooftop of the school building" she said shyly. I nodded and thanked her. The guys smiled at her before we walked out of the classroom, but not before we heard them squealing over me thanking them and the guys smiling at them. I chuckled. "Wow, I could get used to this" Hoseok says smiling. We all nodded as we headed up the stairs that leads us to the rooftop. When we opened the door. We saw different shades of blue hair swaying along with the wind. We all stood by the door mesmerized by how pretty her hair shined in the suns rays. She looked back and made eye contact with me. All of a sudden her eyes widened. I saw some sort of red liquid drip from her chin. She quickly wiped it away and looked back towards the view of the cherry blossoms in the back of the school. We walked towards her and I felt like she knew we were coming closer by the way she tensed up. I put a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and looked at me with emotionless eyes. I looked at what she had in her hands and saw a water bottle that was a deep red crimson color. "What is that?" I asked pointing at the water bottle. She licked her lips and turned back around again. "Fruit punch" was all she said. I don't know if it was me, but I thought I heard a hint of sadness and fear in her voice. Hoseok being Hoseok grabbed the water bottle with a smile on his face and drank some. "Thank good, I was thirsty" he says before drinking the red substance. Ji-Hye gasped and tried to get the water bottle away from Hoseok. She grabbed it by the bottom of it and yanked it out of his grasp. But he already drank some before she yanked it away from his grasp. His expression said it all. He spat it out and it looked like he coughed up blood. "Y-Yah, what kind of fruit punch is that?! That tasted metallic" he says still trying to spit out the rest of the liquid from his mouth. I looked at Ji-Hye and she shrugged before drinking some. "Maybe your tastebuds don't work anymore" she says. "Yeah, well, they definitely don't work anymore after tasting that." She rolls her eyes before she sits down on the ground again and closes her eyes. "Why are you guys here?" "Because, we're friends aren't we? Friends hang out especially during lunch. So here we are, with our bestie" Jungkook says cutely. She stays silent at what he said. "Who said we were friends?" She said coldly. We all looked at each other before smiling and sitting down next to her. She opens her eyes and looks at us. We smile at her before we attack her with hugs. She doesn't make any sound but rather stays still. She sighs at our effort to taker her down. For someone who's smaller than us, she sure is strong. "I don't need friends." "But you have Nari, Areum, and Seung" I say. She bites her bottom lip and I couldn't help but stare at her soft and full looking lips. She snaps me out of my thoughts as she starts to say something. "That's because..." "Because?" She closes her eyes. "It's personal. I only trust them" she says. I could tell that there was something more than that. I could see that she's hiding something through her eyes. But I didn't want to push her into telling me what she feels uncomfortable talking about. "Well, it doesn't matter. But where are they anyways?" I asked. She looks over at me and shrugs. "Even though I'm a honor student they don't want to bother with school. They'll be here for class for a couple minutes before walking out." "And the teachers let them?" Jin asks with a raised eyebrow. She sighs at his question. "Don't you think that since we're feared by all the students here, the teachers wouldn't?" She says. "Oh, I forgot about that." "But," Namjoon says, "why do they fear you? Why didn't they try to get to know you first? You're pretty nice and cool to hang out around." She looks back and all of a sudden a few cherry blossoms fly by her and move along with her hair. She smiles sadly before going back to frowning. "Well, I can't really say why. But, I just transferred to this school and everyone immediately became scared of me. The only ones who were by my side were Nari, Areum, and Seung. That's was because we were all vam- because we were all feared. So we became friends and such." We stayed silent when Jimin started talking. "Ahhh, what's up with this atmosphere?? Come on guys, smile. If you do I'll let you see my chocolates" he says while grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. We all groaned. "Jimin we don't want to see your-" "Here we go!" He untucked his shirt and started taking off his shirt. We all attacked him to stop him from completely taking off his shirt. We sigh out of relief until we realized that we were stacked on top of each other. We all groaned at the same time. We hear a giggle and we looked at Ji-Hye. She had a hand over her mouth and had wide eyes. "Woah... did she just giggle??" I say in awe. They nod and looked in awe too. "I-It was cute" Jungkook says. Ji-Hye became flustered and turned away from us. We all chuckled at how cute she was. After a couple minutes of us being in awe. We hear a distant scream. We all were startled from the sudden scream and we kept hearing screams from inside the school. We all stood up and ran where the screams were coming from. When we got there, we see crowd looking at a certain locker. We ran to look at the locker and in red paint it reads 'Ji-Hye is a vampire'. "Vampire?" I say. I look at Ji-Hye to see all the color drain from her face. But she still continues to frown. She looks to her right. I look over as well and see the same guys who dragged us to the abandoned house, were laughing. Although, some seemed nervous and scared. I couldn't see Ji-Hye's expression, only the back of her head. But she gave off a pissed of vibe. "I'll be right back" she says lowly. She walks towards where the group were. When they saw her walking towards them, they stopped laughing. Even though I'm standing far away from them. I couldn't still see horror in their eyes. They start running, but Ji-Hye continued to walk. "Where is she going?" Hoseok asked. I shrugged as I watched her turn a corner where the group was once. I looked over a the lockers. "Vampire? Ji-Hye?" I start laughing. Everyone stops chattering and looks over at me. "You guys actually believe that she's a vampire? You guys need to loosen up. There's no such thing as vampires. You're making a big deal out of nothing" I said as I continued to laugh. They all stared at me before some of them started to nod. "He is right. There's no such thing as a vampire." "Wow, I was pretty scared for a moment." "I thought that was blood, but the closer I look at it. The words are written in red paint." "Come on guys, let's go find Ji-Hye" I say as I wiped away a tear. "You found this funny to the point where you're crying?" Namjoon says chuckling. "It can't be helped. There's no such thing as a vampire and they believed it. I couldn't help but find it funny." "But what would you have done if Ji-Hye was a vampire?" Taehyung asks. "...She can't be. She isn't, but if she was, I'd be scared. Aren't they just monsters?" Ji-Hye's POV: "Tsk, they're just lucky I let them off." I walked down a hallway and I was about to turn a corner where I left the boys until I heard Yoongi, Taehyung, and Namjoon speaking. "You found this funny to the point where you're crying?" "It can't be helped. There's no such thing as a vampire and they believed it. I couldn't help but find it funny." "But what would you have done if Ji-Hye was a vampire?" I heard Taehyung ask Yoongi. It was silent. "...She can't be. She isn't, but if she was, I'd be scared. Aren't they just monsters?" My hands clenched into fists. Ahh, thats right. I am monster. A monster who doesn't want to drink human blood because it makes me sick. A monster that decided to help these boys when I could've rejected them. A monster who for a second, thought she could trust them. But I was wrong. I'm a monster to them too. I stayed silent. I turned on my heel and walked away. I started laughing pitifully at myself. "What were you expecting Ji-Hye? This is how it goes. Get use to it."
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