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Squeezing his way into the kitchen, Jungkook kicked Taehyung's arm on the way, making the boy groan in pain. "What the fuck is that for?" the boy on the floor asked, a scowl on his face, Jungkook ignored him and made his way to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and cursed loudly when he saw that there's only a few bottle of water, a half empty can of food, a few boxes of ice cream and a few small boxes of cereal. "We're out of food again, for fuck sake." "Chill maknae, we still got cereal don't we?" Hoseok said lazily, staring at his phone, scrolling down something, Jungkook slammed the fridge shut but none of them seemed to be fazed by the sound. You held Jimin's hand when they were bringing you to their home. He unwillingly yook your hand but got used to it later on. They've come to a conclusion that you're from a rich family ( and that Jimin shouldn't be laughing when yoiu mention about bodyguards), keeping you with them will probably bring them advantages. They'll just wait for your parents to get worried about you and when they started to find you, they'll take that as a chance to get money. Jackpot. Frowning Jimin looked down at you and back at his hyungs. "Yah hyung, why do i have to do this, she can totally walk by herself?" "We didn't force you to do this, the little shit came up and grabbed your hand didn't she?" Namjoon said, shrugging. You looked up at hi and laughed dumbly. Namjoon simply gave you a dull look,his expression blank. "What are you laughing about?" "I heard appa say that to me one time, but i never know what it means. Umma looked uncomfortable when he said that!" you muttered, "What is little shit?" Jimin snorted as Jin shoved Namjoon's shoulders. "Answer her Wikipedia." Jin said. The boy answered straight away without hesitating. "It means stupied kids." "Oh, so like, what you once were?" you retorted without yourself knowing, not knowing Namjoon was signaling you that you're one of them. That was a completely innocent statement, it held absolutely no offence in your opinion, so you thought it's totally fine to say it. Jimin laughed loudly as he quickly pulled you to the other side so he was blocking Namjoon away from you. "No Namjoon, she has to stay. This is hilarious!" Jin pulled Namjoon's collar, "Come one Namjoon, she's still a kid, let it go." Your eyes sparkled at the theree key-word that gets almost every kid hyped up these days. You clapped your hands before slipping your small hand into Jimin's again. " I love Frozen! But my favorite character is not Elsa, i don't understand why people like her that much?" Jimin rolled his eyes, he had enough of kids yelling do you wanna build a snowman in freaking summer, singing let it go off key and seeing millions of Elsa's during Halloween. Generally speaking, he hates Frozen, as well as his friends. " I don't know why people like that shitty movie so damn much?" Jimin asked in a childish voice. You looked at him and tilted your head, "Frozen is not a kid, why do you call it shitty?" Jin didn't let you go near them the rest of the walk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jin had made a note to himself, ask the others not to spill curse words around you. Or else you're going to ask what it means, and the same thing is going to happen again. Besides you're still young and he didn't really want to pollute your mind. You four stopped in front of the building was unsightly. The colors were dull grey and some paints were wearing off. Namjoon banged against the gate rhythmically, like it's some sort of code. You kept your gaze upwards as a boy opened the door and slid open the gate. He looked forward at the three before his eyes traveled downwards to you. He squealed a little, " A toddler?" " Taehyung, she's seven and you can see she's walking on her own." Jin said. The others gathered around the door to look at the 'toddler' Taehyung was talking about. Yoongi snorted a little when he saw you, obviously knowing you weren't a toddler. "She'll be...staying with us." Jin announced awkwardly. You showed them a bright smile, Hoseok and Taehyung returned the smile faintly as the other simply raised an eyebrow. Jungkook pointed at you, "You want her to stay with us? That's not happening hyung, this is a s-" he stopped and looked at you before back at his hyungs "bad idea". Jin smiled at the maknae, thanking him for stopping before he spill a curse word in front if you. Jimin held up his hand, "You don't get it, she has a black card, she got money." Yoongi laughed sardonically as jungkook rolled his eyes. "Really hyung? A black card? This kid? there's n-" Jimin had given you an urging push when he explained and you knew he was asking for you to take it out as a proof, so you did, You held it up to show them and Jungkook stopped mid-sentence. They looked at it for a long time, at the signature at the back and the front, Jungkook pushed everyone away and out his hand at your back, he smiled brightly at you. "Hey there, what's your name? mines Jungkook and of course you can start calling me oppa." You giggled at his sudden friendliness, but you weren't complaining. You really like his bright smile " My name is Song Meena" Yoongi stopped his movement as his eyebrow narrowed. Song, it sounded too familiar to him, He grabbed his phone quickly before going online. Meanwhile, Jungkook had brought you over to his only computer in the messy flat. "Meena right? So i was thinking about eating pizza today, what do you think?" You clapped your hands excitedly, "Pizza! i love pizza! But i don't know how to call for pizza." He chuckled a little at his success and how you didn't seem to notice how he's using you at all, "Don't worry, we'll take of that." " YOU EVIL BASTARD!" Hoseok yelled with a smile. "But do pizza shop allow credit cards like those? And can people track her down when she uses it?" "Hoseok you dumbass. The delivery boy can bring that machine thingy with him over here." Taehyung said, settling down on the sofa. "Also," Namjoon added, " We want people to track her down, So when her parents ask her back, we can be able to get some money." "Ah smart,"Hoseok nodded approvingly. You overheard their conversation and instanly, your smile faded. You clutched onto Jungkook's shirt, you were sitting on his lap as he introduced a few new games that has been released and he also really wanted. Automatically he tighten his grip on you and turned you over. He raised an eyebrow "What?" "I don't want to go home." you said. "Are you guys going to send me away?" Jungkook stayed silent. He honestly lnew the answer, which was obviously a yes. However, he found himself not having the heart to just say it to you, He hated that feeling, he shouldn't care about what others think, it's been how he behaved for the past few years. You turned around, stepping on Jungkook's thigh. He widened his eyes and mouthed fuck at the computer.Jimin? Are you guys going to send me away?" 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