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Who is my favorite character in all of Fairy Tail? Well that's a tough one to answer so I'm just going to put 5 of my favorite people from the show! The cover photo is Hajime from the anime Crowds Gatchaman! Not related just wanted to put it up.
I'll start it off with this badass illusion magician from another world...Mystogan! His mysteriousness from the beginning of the show till he reveals he is the prince of another world has made him one of my favorites amount all the badasses in the show!
The beautiful wood make molding magician, Laki Orietta! She may not be one of the main characters through out the show but she still found her way to my heart! I love that she is one of the only people in the entire show to have glasses and still beat ass! She stole my heart with one scene! I know for a fact that @otakudemon10 is with me when I say GIVE US MORE LAKI!!!
I cant forget who I consider the most beautiful woman in all of Fairy Tail, Ur! If it wasn't for this woman right here then there would be no Gray, no Lyon, no Gruvia, no Ultear and Deloria would still be out and about walking around. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!
This badass mofo right here! We all know and love this guy even though he is the main villian, Zeref! I won't put his last name because I dint want to spoil anything for those who don't know, but yes he is a bad man!
And last but not least is the kawaii of kawaii, the adorable Wendy Marvell! Everyone who knows me well knows that Wendy is my girl! She the pinical of kawaiiness! I left her for last cause I have so many pictures of her to post that I want to post them all!
Here's a little more of Wendy because one can never have to much Wendy! Hope you enjoyed another of my cards. @hikaymm @otakudemon10 @tylor619 @AimeBolanos
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YASSSS MORE LAKI! But all your picks are awesome!