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I saw The Fundamentals of Caring and here's my after thoughts. When time passes by, can I rewrite the previous chapters of my life? I grew up without knowing what love entails, so when love crossed my path, I tossed it to the side and took it for granted. I was hurt by love by someone. Someone used love on me to make someone happy. As a revenge, I used love so someone won't hurt me or use me. In time, I've run out of love, and used my soul instead In the end, I used me and continue hurting me for my own selfish protection. That's why now I think I don't deserve anybody Not even my daughter's love and respect. Although, I wanna fall in-love again; to really feel. How did the Fundamentals of Caring led me to this? Young Love. That love that could mean the end of life if it wasn't sought through.