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Chapter 6: I-Quit
Chapter 8: Change-of-Mind
Jay, Simon, Jay's Manager and I arrived at AOMG, and made our way to the lounge, where everyone was kicking it. Jay, his manager, and I were the only ones socializing the whole car ride. Simon was quite, and I had a feeling that it had something to do with me.
He did pull me aside, as Jay and his manager went into the lounge. "Lavi-ah, is it possible you and I can talk? In private?" I nodded my head, and step into an empty studio with him. "Honestly, I am very sorry if I had offended you."
He started talking the moment the door was closed. He waved for me to have a seat. Simon sat down on one end, and I to the far end, to leave a distance. "I know you were looking out for me, but at my end, it really did look like you were the bad guy. I did not see her phone, and had a lot to drink."
I just crossed my arms, and listen to him speak. "Loco-ah, did tell me what I didn't see, which is why I came running to you. I want to talk it out with you." Simon looked me over, and noticed I was just sitting there.
He move forward a bit, just seem to retreat away, the moment he could. "Simon, I'm not mad at you. I just don't like being yell at when I'm the one in the right. My natural reaction is to punch you in the face."
He looked up at me a bit caught off guard, when I spoke up. "You are the first person ever in my life, that I have not actually shown physical force against. And trust me, I've even gently harm my pass charges. I did know a more painless way to get out of your grip that night. But when I'm in a set mood, its kind of hard to get out of it."
He nodded, and I could see that he was listening to me as well. Simon looked away, rubbed his hands together, and quickly licked his lip. I actually always found Simon more attractive when he was serious.
"I can relation on that, and I see where you are coming from. I just wanted to clear this all up. So, it would be easier for us to possibly work together." He turned his head to look over at me, giving me a bit of a chill down my spin.
He was a very handsome man, but I had to contain my fan girl side a bit. This was my work place now, and I hated mixing work with personal. "Simon-ssi, don't worry over it, we know each other a little bit better. If we do stuff like this, stepping aside to talk it out, when we have conflict. We will be able to work with each other with ease."
His lip curled up, into a smirk, as his eyebrow raise. "So wait, if you call me by my real name, I'm in trouble." He noticed that I called him by his stage name. Instead of his real one, like in the when we were in the Chief's office.
"Let me clear this up for you at least. I mean no offense to you by the switch up." Now he seem confused but interested in what I was about to say. "As long as AOMG are my charge, I will mostly likely call you by your real name when I'm serious. If not, then I'll use your stage name. If you want me to call you oppa..."
I smirked and lean in closer to him. "Then ask Hyuk Woo oppa."I smirked as I got up, and left the room. I actually called him oppa, mainly because he was kind and took his time to let me warm up to him. Never rush me, and just felt like a brother to me.
Basically made me feel comfortable with him, and at ease. I doubt Simon was going to be able to do that. "Lala-ah!" I smiled warmly once I heard my nickname, and saw it was Hyuk Woo. "Oppa!" His eyes sparkle as he came over to me. "We were wondering where you went. Simon too... did you two make up?"
"Ne you can say that." An arm found its way around my neck, before I saw the owner. "I hope that all you were doing, after all. You're suppose to be my girl." Ju Kyung, join us and was cheesy like before. I brush his arm off me, and push him away y his face.
"I'm not you're girl." I felt an arm go around my waist, and someone's breath on my ear. "Just tell him straight out of you don't like his advances. If that fails, let me know I'll put him in line." Simon's deep voice in my ear, just mentally slay me, but I was able to keep my composure.
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