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You let out a breathy laugh, taking a swig from the bottle, feeling the alcohol burn the back of your throat. “To Here.” You spoke softly, your voice dry and hoarse from crying and screaming at night. “(Y/N)?” Yoongi asked in surprise, the commotion from the other end silencing. “Noona?” You heard from the background, a loud “shh” following.
You let out a breathy laugh, taking a swig from the bottle, feeling the alcohol burn the back of your throat. “To Here.” You spoke softly, your voice dry and hoarse from crying and screaming at night. “(Y/N)?” Yoongi asked in surprise, the commotion from the other end silencing.
Months after your phone call with Yoongi, you felt a sort of weight being lifted off your shoulders. You changed your number, knowing the boys would come to contact you whenever they could. It hurt you to do so, but lingering with the boys meant being around Yoongi’s presence, and that was something you couldn’t bare. You leaned out the balcony of your apartment, a bitter laugh escaping your lips as you remembered the pathetic excuse of a good-bye you gave him.
He would’ve wanted an explanation, you knew that much, but you would never give him that satisfaction after all he’s done to you. You pulled your cardigan closer to your body, a small sigh escaping your lips as the winter breeze sent chills down your spine. You looked at the small snowflakes falling onto your balcony, a ghost of a smile appearing on your face.
“Jagi! Look at all the snow!” You exclaimed happily, spinning around and stumbling onto a pile of snow, a giggle escaping your lips as you saw your boyfriend roll his eyes in amusement.
“(Y/N), you act like you’ve never seen snow before.” He teased, flicking a small lump of snow in her direction, causing her to squeal at the sudden coldness. “It’s not that, I can’t remember the last time I actually had fun in it.” She said happily, catching a snowflake in her gloved hand.
“I swear, you act like such a child sometimes.” He chuckled, picking you up and setting you on his back, walking to the dorm which was close by. You hugged him tightly around his neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek, causing both of you to smile. “But you love me anyway, right Yoongi?” You said with a pout, making him flash you a gummy smile.
“You have no idea.”
He let out a sigh, closing his eyes and leaning his forehead against the glass. “Just call her already.” Jin’s voice spoke from the doorway of their shared room. “You aren’t helping anything if you’re just going to skulk all day.” He muttered and laid down on his bed.
“She changed her number, remember?” Yoongi said, giving his elder a blank look. “From here, to here.” Yoongi muttered to himself, a bitter laugh leaving his lips. “That’s what she meant.” He said softly, crossing his arms over his chest and keeping his gaze at his window. “She always loved Winter.”
“You have a girlfriend Yoongi, you shouldn’t be thinking about (Y/N) anymore. You left her remember?” Jin said, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head. “She stopped contact with all of us, not that we blame her. We lied to protect you.”
“And that was the first mistake.”
They watched you carefully, watching as you casually got your coffee and at down across the cafe, away from the group of boys who never broke contact with you. Of course, you knew it was them, it would always be them who would be watching over you, either by Yoongi’s orders or them being concerned for your well being.
It got quite annoying after a while, their stares and murmurs, arguing about who would approach you. You had enough, abandoning your coffee and walking up to them, slamming your hands down on their table, startling all of them. “Please, just stop following me.” You spoke softly, but firmly, looking at all of the one by one. “I’m fine, I’m healthy, I’m happy. You don’t need to constantly watch over me like I’m about to just break down and throw myself in front of a bus just because Yoongi and I broke up.” You said, raising your voice slightly, shocking them all.
They all slowly nodded, getting the message as you picked up your coffee and left, not bothering to spare them a second glance. It was then you deleted all their numbers on your phone, stopped going to your regular places, stopped going out in general. You’ve changed, and they noticed.
You walked out of your apartment for the first time in, what felt like, forever. You tugged your beanie closer to your head as you walked along the quiet shops, people walking past you with hot drinks and thick sweaters to fend off the cold. You glanced around, smiling softly at people who unintentionally met your gaze, some returning it, and others simply ignoring you.
You huffed, letting out a puff of air as you saw a cloud of fog leave your mouth, making you giggle softly to yourself. You passed by your favorite shop, looking at the window and saw the dress that you absolutely adored, but could never afford. A sigh escaped your lips as you looked over the delicate stitches around the waistline, the subtle sequins dancing around the silky fabric.You tilted your head at the glass, seeing a familiar frame looking at you from across the street. “(Y/N)?”
“What are you looking at Jagi?” You heard Yoongi’s voice speak from behind you, causing you to jump slightly. “Yah, don’t do that. I could’ve had a heart attack.” You huffed, turning your eyes to glare at him playfully. Yoongi rolled his eyes, throwing his arm over you and smiling softly. “That dress is nice, why don’t you get it?” He asked her, peeking down to look at her sad face.
“It’s too expensive, plus I wouldn’t wear it anywhere.” She said and tugged him away from the window. “Let’s look at presents for everyone else.” She said with a smile, trying to steer the stubborn man away from the window. “Just wait Jagi, when we have the money, I’ll buy you a thousand dresses, no matter the price.” He said cheesily, causing her to roll her eyes.
“In your dreams Min Yoongi, now let’s go, before everything good is gone.”
He saw your familiar stature looking at the exact same dress you had been looking at a year ago, remembering specifically how you set your eyes on it. He adverted his attention when he felt a tug on his arm, looking down to see his girlfriend pulling him towards one of the shops, a very expensive looking one at that.
He felt his shoulders grow heavier as she picked one of the most expensive things in the store, having nothing to do but buy it for her. She let out an excited squeal and placed a sloppy kiss on his lips, internally cringing to himself. He peeked up to find you gone, a sigh escaping his lips as he excused himself after he paid, heading towards the store you always seemed to stop at every Christmas time.
“Stop buying me expensive things! You’re just wasting your money.” You huffed at him, holding the bag of clothes he got you. “(Y/N), it was only 70 dollars.” He said carelessly, tugging you closer to him by your waist. “That’s still a lot, you don’t need to spend your money on me Yoongi, I have my own.” You said softly, halting in your place and grabbing his hand.
“Promise me you won’t buy me anything expensive anymore.” She said, looking at him sternly and pouting her lip, causing Yoongi to roll his eyes. “Fine, I won’t buy you anything expensive anymore.” He huffed and kissed her forehead gently. “Won’t stop me from buying you things regardless.” He said and shot her a wink, walking ahead of her.
You made your way into your apartment, shaking your head in disbelief. He had seen you, you were sure of it. You expected it, having to run into him sooner or later, but seeing him so soon sent a wave of emotions flooding inside you.
You ran a hand through your hair, taking a seat on the couch and letting out a groan. “God damn you Min Yoongi.” You groaned to yourself, his voice still ringing in your head from when he called you. Even if it was for a brief second, feeling his presence, hearing the voice you wanted to loathe, it hurt you. He hurt you.
He hesitantly stepped outside your door, raising his hands to knock, only to cut himself short. ‘What would I say to her? What would she think?’ He thought to himself as his knuckles hovered over your door. He heard movement from inside, a sign showing that you were awake, despite it being 4 in the morning.
He smiled to himself, knowing you still had your habits of waking earlier than usual and wasting time to tire yourself out before going back to bed. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his pride taking over his actions as he dropped his hand at his side, shaking his head and walking away.
You knew he had too much pride to admit anything. Whether it meant admitting his mistakes, letting you win a playful argument, or just being right in general. It was always his way or nothing. You didn’t expect him to walk up to you, to even do anything but glance at your direction as he passed by your apartment balcony. You both met eye contact, his new girlfriend hanging onto his arm for dear life.
You rolled your eyes, looking away from him as he continued to walk, his eyes never leaving you.
It was late, an ungodly hour to be woken up. You trudged out of bed, a loud groan escaping your lips as you opened the door, ready to spew some colorful words at whoever had woken you from your slumber. Your sleepy eyes met no one as you looked around, your eyes settling on a delicately wrapped box on your doorstep.
Confusion took over you as you saw a retreating figure, their body dressed in all black and their head being covered by a hood and cap. You scrunched your eyebrows together as you closed the door behind you, hesitantly opening the box. A gasp escaped your lips as you opened it, revealing the dress you’ve always wanted, your eyes widening when you realized who it was from.
A note fell out once you gently took the dress out of the box, your shaky hands picking it up and scanning it over many times, disbelief running through your body.
Just because I left, doesn’t mean I forgot.


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