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Funniest iKon moment. Man this isn't gonna be easy cause they have SO many funny moments!
But this one in my opinion when they played the mafia game is definitely the funniest! I just can't get over how innocent Jinhwan and Chanwoo were in the game! 😂And Yunhyeong's adorable English!! I love these boys so much! They always know how to make me laugh and smile and brighten my day.💖
I couldn't help but to add an honorable mentions video because these are also my favorite and very funny iKon moments!
What is everyone's funniest iKon moment? Also tomorrow I plan on making up a game for everyone to play. 🙂I wanted to try something different so we can all interact with one another more. So comment down below what kind of game(s) you all would be interested in.
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