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Hello! So This really was a hard choice but I managed to decide which OP/ED I thought would be my best theme song. As a young adult, it's like I'm still young enough not to have it all together yet old enough not to have it all figured out. I just feel stuck and its killing me so much right now because it's like what am I even doing? who am I? where am I going? and I just feel so torn and feel like I'm slowly loosing my self in the process. All I want to do right now is leave everything behind me and escape far away from here because It's scary. However even though I might be broken down and depressed at the moment and unsure where my life is going, I have to try and see the positive, I have to endure these feelings and uncertainty to bring me to a better path so I can be free. So my theme songs I chose to represent this chapter in my life are:
OP: Unravel by TK (Tokyo Ghoul)
ED: Cascade by Unlimits (Naruto ED:21)