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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 1 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N POV The champagne popped and all the guys yelled happily. You flinched from the sound and from the cork flying but laughed as it foamed over onto the floor. Park Chanyeol, your boyfriend of five years, was celebrating his birthday with you and your friends. You remembered being so happy with him when you two started out but he became distant towards you probably a year and a half ago. You tried being more spontaneous and surprise him with visits but he always said he was too busy. Eventually, you got tired of trying to make him happy. You couldn't break up with him so you waited for him to break up with you but it never came. You went to visit him when he was practicing for one of his shows, he was nervous and excited about being able to perform with Jay Park so you stopped by to cheer him up. You ended up walking in on him screwing one of his dancers. He didn't notice you so you left in silence. Even after knowing he was cheating on you, you still acted like you never saw it. You never revealed to him that you saw him or that you even knew he was still seeing her. When he stayed out at the studio late, you new he was with her and every night it killed you but you still couldn't pack your bags and leave. Sehun was the only one that knew you two were faking in front of everyone. You told him what you saw and a million times he told you to just leave but you couldn't. You ended up discovering a little chatting website one night, it was rumored to help people hook up but it was mostly used for chatting with people that had the same interests. That's how you met Mr.Sandman, you two talked about fashion and how much you liked working for your boss though you never said who your boss was nor did he ask. You two were vague with each other, never giving specific details about yourselves or everyday lives. You did know he had a girlfriend that was driving him crazy but his father set them up so he couldn't really break up with her. He knew that your boyfriend was a cheater but that you didn't have the strength to break up with him. Slowly the friendship became subtle flirting and then it became more and more obvious. He wanted to meet you a few times but between being too busy at work and slight fear of meeting someone you met over the internet you kept refusing. Still, you two texted constantly over the little chat room. "Yixing pass me a glass." you said. Yixing turned to your other friend Junmyeon and asked him to pass a glass to him. He then passed the glass to you. Chanyeol had passed the bottle around for everyone to pour their own glasses. Sehun nudged your elbow and gave you a smile. "How's work?" he asked. "It's good, although Zitao is still being a pain in my ass. He tripped me the other day and then made me apologize for it. Sometimes I wish he wasn't the boss' son or I swear I'd punch him square in the nads." "OK ow." Sehun said covering himself up. You laughed at him then grabbed the champagne bottle from Yixing as he was passing it to you and filled your glass. You passed it to Sehun and flipped your phone open, your eye caught Chanyeol staring at you as he sipped from his glass. You smiled at him and he gave you a small grin. That grin sent a chill down your spine, like he knew something or he was up to something. You looked down at your phone and opened up the chat quickly sending a message: Dreamgirl: Mr.Sandman bring me a dream. That was always the code message you used so he knew you really wanted to talk. It only took a few moments for him to respond to the message. Mr.Sandman: Are you having a nightmare? You chuckled, Dreamgirl: Not yet but I can feel it coming. Mr.Sandman: That sucks, if I were there I could do a few things to keep you from having one. When will you let me see you? "Who are you texting?" Chanyeol asked. Your eyes looked up to meet his and you said, "Just my co-worker." you smiled nicely. "Must be really interesting for you to be grinning like that." he said annoyed. Like he had any right to be jealous, he was the one that started all of this. He pushed you away and you ended up finding someone else. It wasn't like you were in love with this Mr.Sandman but you were happy to have someone that knew first hand what you were going through. Sehun was sweet in comforting you but he didn't really know what the right thing to say to you was. He'd have his moments where he was the voice of reason but he could only do so much for you. Plus, you had the pleasure of knowing that not all your friends knew your drama just Sehun. It was easier to keep up appearances than to except that you were in pain, that you were upset he was cheating on you, you were angry that he didn't just break up with you and above all ashamed with yourself for smiling in his face and pretending you didn't know a thing. Ashamed that you let him do all of this to you and all you really needed to do was pack your bags and walk away. This was Chanyeol though, the idea of walking away was much easier than actually doing it. You two had spent five years together and he was everything to you. His only down fall was his temper, he was a hot head, when he felt threatened he let it show. "She's just raving about this guy she likes since he finally asked her out. It's cute." You said giving him a bigger smile. The lie either satisfied him or he didn't feel like starting something he knew he couldn't prove so he backed off just enough that you didn't feel his hostility. "Why don't you get off the phone it's my birthday, come over here Jagi." The slight threat in his voice was clear as he patted the empty space on his lap. You closed your phone but not before sending one last message: Dreamgirl: Sorry I'll ttyl he wants me off. With that you turned off your phone and stood up, you put the phone in your pocket and took a seat in his lap. His hands snaked around your lap and he spoke into your ear, "We'll talk about it later baby be nice to me right now." You took your champagne glass and pressed it to his lips tilting it so he'd have to either drink or let it spill on him. He drank and you smiled and whispered back, "There's nothing to talk about, I told you what you wanted to know." You pulled it away and took a sip of it yourself, the look in his eyes was both hunger and anger. You only smiled sweetly. He moved his hands to your hips and gripped them tight. Your smile slightly faltered as you winced at the pain he hated when you got smart with him, the more you lived with the knowledge he was cheating the more you did it. Sehun caught sight of his grip and your reaction and you could see him get upset, "So Yixing, how's China this time around." you said trying to redirect his attention. "Really beautiful I heard, I haven't been back home in a while. I miss my family." "Trust me I understand." You smiled sympathetically. Chanyeol's grip got tighter "What do you mean by that jagi?" he said. Your teeth clenched, you probably hadn't seen your brothers in two years. Your parents were the same, you don't know what changed in Chanyeol but he'd gotten so possessive. He blamed your family when you two got in fights that they were trying to poison your brain and turn you against him.. Every fight ended the sameway though, 'I'll never leave you, I'm yours.' you'd say. You were true to those words unfortunately, you just couldn't leave. You were stuck, part of you loved it, loved him, the other half was screaming and cursing you out telling you to run like hell was on your heels. You missed your older brothers and your parents but whether out of fear of losing Chanyeol or the need to keep them safe from his wrath you stopped visiting them. You stopped talking to them, every once in a while they'd text you to see how you were doing; they were probably wondering if you were still alive. Despite his attitude and rage, he'd never really hurt you physically. He was squeezing the hell out of your hips, sure, and he threw stuff when he was angry, he was rough when he had sex with you but he never hit you. If Chanyeol could be accused of any abuse it was probably emotional. He wanted to be in charge, he wanted you all to himself but he didn't offer the same curtsey. He did once but perhaps he forgot about that. You figured he had, since he barely wore the ring that matched yours, a promise to be together forever. You met him when he had nothing, when he was nothing and watched as he grew and that made you happy. Fame must've gotten to his head that's probably what changed him, you didn't know but you loved the man that he used to be. That was the reason you couldn't let go, those promises he made still meant something to you. You hated yourself for that but you were still his. You sighed and said, "I just haven't talked to my brothers for a while, I get what he feels." "Y/N let's do some Karaoke." Sehun suggested. "Yeah okay, but I want to rap this time. Jongdae Minseok you want to join?" You stood up and Chanyeol released you, you could practically feel the bruises forming. You knew Sehun had come up with Karaoke to get him to release you. Jongdae and Minseok stood up and walked over to the screen and you turned on the machine. Sehun handed the guys microphones. "Okay let's make this fun, everyone has to do something out of their element so Sehun can't rap and I can't sing. Whoever gets the lowest score takes a shot." You said. They guys agreed and Sehun said, "What do you want to do?" "Jay Park's Mommae" you said. Minseok laughed, "Why do you know that song?" "Y/N's a freak." Jongdae said. "Says the guy that was sitting on top of his roommate whole he was asleep." "Hey I was trying to keep water from dropping on him it wasn't like that!" he defended. You nodded, "Yeah sure." Jongdae hid his face while he laughed and Minseok was just beside himself, laughing so hard his eyes were watering up a bit. You guys did a few rounds and you came in last about three times. Some of the matches you threw anyway just so you had an excuse to drink. If you were drunk you two couldn't really get into a fight. The party lasted for till midnight and then everyone started to head out, you and Chanyeol headed home. In the car, he thanked you for the party but you only mumbled 'sure thing'. You had your eyes closed and you were tired, you didn't really start responding to anything until you two finally got home. You immediately started to strip your clothes off heading for the bathroom to take a shower. You remembered to take your phone out of your pocket and set it on the bathroom sink. You stood under the hot water getting soaked and moving slowly as you washed your body. You were being careful of the area Chanyeol's fingers dug in, the bruises had formed like you knew they would. You bruised like a banana, you heard the door creak open and Chanyeol pulled back the shower curtain to get in the shower. "I would've been out in a moment." you said. You felt him lean his body against yours. His hands passing by your head and leaning against the wall. His lips touched the back of your neck lightly, moving down your back until you pulled away from him. "I'm done washing up, I'm going to bed." you said. "No you're not. Not until you give me my birthday present." "Chanyeol I'm tired." you said. He grabbed your wrists and pushed you against the wall pinning your hands down. The water falling on one side of your bodies. His fiery red hair was sticking to his face soaking in water, yours was sticking to your face and body. "It's my birthday Y/N, why are you being so mean? Are you cheating on me?" he said into your ear. Like he had any right to ask that, true maybe giving another man the time of day over him was cheating. You were starting to become infatuated with Mr.Sandman but Chanyeol was the one that started this; he was the one that continuously slept with that girl behind your back. What he was doing was far worse than you. You chuckled, he was cheating first, he had no right to act this way but you wouldn't let him know that. "Fine Chanyeol but make it quick." He wasn't pleased by your attitude so he was rough with you. You knew he would be, it was classic Chanyeol. You could admit that maybe you should've been nice to him on his birthday but you both hated and loved him, those two conflicting parts made it hard for you to be nice and you were still kind of drunk from the shots, so fighting back would've just made things worse. He had his way with you in the shower afterwords cleaning himself up and then jumping out to go to bed. You stood there for a moment before you shut the water off and got out. Drying yourself and wringing out your hair, you grabbed your phone and walked out. He wasn't in bed, he went to sit on the couch and watch TV. You turned your phone back on so your alarm would work and went to sleep. When you woke up the next morning, Chanyeol was talking to someone on the phone in the living room. "I know babe but she threw me a birthday party I had to stay and go. I'll spend the night with you tonight.... yeah I'll just tell her I'm working late at the studio tonight. She understands." Oh you understood alright, that was a bold move Park Chanyeol. Creating a date with tthiswhore while you were in the next room. Sleep or not that was rude, it was insensitive, it was careless. However, once again instead of confronting him you decided to get back at him. Dreamgirl: Mr.Sandman Bring me a dream. Mr.Sandman: How can I help you? Dreamgirl: Do you still want to meet me in person? Mr.Sandman: Yes. Dreamgirl: Tell me when and where? Mr.Sandman: Wait are you serious? Dreamgirl: Yes.
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oh Sandman please bring me this dream.. you caught me.. I'm hooked.. on to the next chapter.. so excited.. poor thing all types of stuck, I kinda knew that feeling.. though my former was all types of good to me. can't wait to see a let go scenario or one where the two men come face to face. Chanyeol aside from me letting all this continue to go on that last part was hella rude, like hello in the next room.
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