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Hello my lovelies!

And happy Slouchy Saturday! What better way to start off a Saturday morning than with some fanfiction...right?
So here is the first chapter of this ghost fanfiction that I am so excited to share with you all! I hope you enjoy it! XD
Missed the introduction? I gotchu~

Chapter 1 - "I died a virgin."

Na Ra's P.O.V
I laid on my stomach, swaying my feet back and forth as I sucked on a lollipop, watching people as they walked down below.
Tired, I rolled over onto my side and I stared up at the sky.
Ahh...what a beautiful day.
"Meow," I turned my head to see my cat, Minnie, trotting along to where I was sitting. She curled up next to me and I started to pet her head, feeling her soft fur in my fingers. She quietly purred as I continued to admire the view above us.
A bird suddenly landed near us, pecking the top of the house, annoying the crap out of me.
"Shoo!" I tried to wave it off, but it didn't even flinch. It then suddenly flew straight through me as it landed on the part of the roof behind me, making gasp and silently curse the stupid thing.
I sighed, frustrated that it couldn't even hear me chew it out if I wanted it to.
I turned to look at you, just now realizing that you have been with me for a while now.
"Oh, hello!" I waved at you. "My name is Na Ra. What is yours?"
"Okay fine, don't answer me." I sighed, turning my head away. I then came back to glance at you again to find that you were still here.
"So you won't speak but you won't leave either? Okay, I see how it is!" Minnie meowed next to me, moving to come see you, excited to have someone new to pet her.
"So since you aren't talking, I am assuming that you are here to find out what happened to me? Or to be bored by my story?"
You looked at me confused.
"Hmm...where should I start..."
"Oh I know! How about the fact I am dead!" I started laughing. Your eyes widened.
"Funny right? No? Not even a sense of humor?" You were surprised at my answer.
Realizing that Minnie was still near you, you reached out to pet her but your hand went straight through her, leaving you even more confused.
Minnie, left your side, realizing that you couldn't touch her and came back to mine. I started to pet her once again as she snuggled up against me.
"Shocking huh? Not only am I dead, but Minnie is too. I feel like she could have moved on if she had wanted to but I think she stays here to keep me company, as she is attached to me. I love her too, don't get me wrong, but if she wants to move on, I don't want to be the reason she stays." I glanced over at you and I stopped.
"Aigoo, look at me rambling on and on. My bad. It is a habit of mine. Or was I should say. Now, since it seems like you are going to be here for a while, shall I tell you my story? Or at least how I ended up like this?"
You nodded your head.
"Finally! An answer from you! Now I don't feel like I am crazy." I chuckled, making you give me a small smile in response.
"Okay, let's see... well it all happened about a month ago to be exact..."
WARNING: Somewhat of a scary scene. May or may not be a trigger. This will be the only scene like this in the novel but I just wanted to give a heads up!
"Okay, we are going to go have dinner for our anniversary and we will be right back." My father said, ruffling my hair as I sat, watching Weekly Idol on the couch.
"Awww, don't leave!" I whined, wanting them to stay in for the night. I don't know what it was but I had a horrible feeling about something. It freaked me out and I knew that I definitely didn't want to be alone tonight.
"Its okay, sweetheart. We will be back. Plus, you are 20 years old. I think you can handle yourself." My mom laughed at me.
"I know, I know. I just...I don't know how to explain it..." I trailed off.
"Don't worry, you have Minnie here to keep you company in this big house, she will stay with you. She loves you," As if on cue, Minnie came through the hallway and came to sit in my lap. I smiled petting her head.
"Fine. But if I start hearing things, I am calling you! So you better keep your phones on!"
"We will honey. We love you!" My mom called out as she shut the door behind her.
"Love you too!"
I laid back on the couch, resting my back as Minnie came to lick my face, making me laugh.
I went back to watching the television when after awhile my eyes started to get heavy as I had not gotten a lot of sleep the night before.
I yawned, tired.
I picked up Minnie and put her down the ground and went to shut off the lights.
"I am going to go take a nap Minnie. I will be back." She meowed in response.
I stretched as I walked up the stairs to my room, not realizing that I had left my phone at the coffee table.
I opened my door and went and plopped on my bed. I snuck the covers over me as I closed my eyes and drifted off.
I suddenly awoke to a loud noise from downstairs.
"Minnie?" I croaked, still groggy. I heard another loud crash in response.
I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up as I crawled out of my bed to see what in the world was making so much noise.
I walked down the stairs and froze at what I saw.
The glass vase near the door, shattered on the ground, and the door wide open.
My heart beat started to quicken as I grew nervous.
"Mom? Dad?" I said, my voice shaking.
When no one answered, I cautiously continued down the steps, avoiding the glass when I reached the floor and went to the living room.
The television was still on, the laughter echoing in my house, as it stood eerily quiet and completely dark.
"Meow," Minnie purred.
"Minnie?" I quickly went towards her voice when I heard a loud, sharp cry escape from her.
I put my hands over my mouth as I started to tear up.
I tip toed in the same direction from where I heard her and I started to come undone when I saw her on the ground - blood slowly pooling around her.
I gasped, the tears now falling rapidly from my eyes.
I quickly stopped when I heard something else break behind me.
I was shaking violently as I slowly turned around to see someone in all black only feet away, knife in hand.
I quickly bolted. I tried to run back towards the door that was once open to find that it was closed.
Not in my right sense of mind as he was quickly behind me, I ran up the stairs and went to hide.
I picked a room at random, making sure not to leave any traces behind that I had entered it.
I went and stood behind the door as it was the only quick place to hide without making a lot of noise.
Heavy footsteps running down the hall, I heard doors slam one by one as he checked each room.
Whimpering, I covered my mouth with my hands to try to make an attempt from making sounds to give my spot away.
As the footsteps drew closer, my heartbeat accelerated, practically popping out of my chest.
He stopped right in front of the door I was hiding behind, as if trying to sense where I was.
Panicking, it took everything I had to not make a noise, my whole body shaking with fear.
He stood there for what seemed like hours when I heard the footsteps disappear farther down the hall.
I decided that this was my time to run - my time to escape and hopefully try to get help from someone - anyone.
I tiptoed out from behind the door and after making sure that the coast was clear, I ran towards the steps back downstairs.
He must have heard me as footsteps quickly followed behind, chasing after me.
I cried out, not being able to hold back the fear any longer as I ran to the door.
As I tried to fumble with the locks, I heard him run down the steps, nearing closer and closer.
I unlocked it, relieved for a split second before I opened it to be met with something much worse.
Another person stood in front of me, identical to the one behind me.
Panic setting in once again, I slowly stepped back as the man smirked at me, knowing that there was nowhere to run to now.
"P-Please," I whimpered, trying to plead with the two of them.
"Y-You can take anything you want. J-Just don't kill me. Please," I whispered.
"It's too late, sweetheart."
I knew that this was it. I knew that I wouldn't live at those words.
Before I could even have a chance to fight back, I felt something enter me, making me cry out in pain.
I looked down to see that the knife that was once in the man's hand was now embedded in my stomach.
I slowly reached for the knife, and pulled it out of me, not realizing that it would be much worse to do so.
I dropped the knife and put my hands to my stomach, trying to curb the pain.
Slowly fading, I glanced back up to see the men standing above me, just watching as I slowly died.
I gave in to my eyes closing, realizing that nothing could be done now, as I passed away.
*End of Flashback*
"I remember being so terrified and scared that night to only have my life taken away by robbers. The strange thing is that right after I passed, I woke up. I thought that it had all been a dream until I floated above my body, seeing that it was reality. That I was dead.
"And so, here I am. Still stuck in this house. Confusing right? I thought that I would have passed on by now, but then I realized why I am still here. I have regrets. Two to be exact.
"One was the fact that they were never able to find my killers. That changed about a week ago after they finally caught them, robbing another place." I scoffed. "To think that they would rob another place so quickly after what happened to me. Idiots.
"After they found them, my parents decided to leave this house, as it reminded them of me, and it pained them. I mean, I am sad that they aren't going to be here anymore and I can't see them, but I am happy that they are going to continue living." I started to tear up at the thought of never seeing them again.
"Look at me. I am a mess just talking about it." I laughed. You then motioned at me to continue.
"Oh right! The other regret is something a little more personal. You can't laugh at me okay?" You nodded in response.
"My...other regret...is that I died a virgin. I know. Silly, huh? I am – was – 20 years old and I hadn't even had my first kiss yet. But I did like someone. His name is Junior. He was in my Sociology class in college and I instantly fell for him.
"But there is no way, that this regret is ever going to be solved. I can't even leave this house and he didn't even know that I existed, being the awkward person I was with people." I sighed.
"So I guess that I have to live here, alone...forever." I looked at you.
"Unless you want to stay here with me?!"
You looked flustered. I pouted.
"Okay, I get it. It's not fun being with a dead girl. Whatever. I just need Minnie anyways!" I stuck my tongue out at you.
"Wait!" I screamed out suddenly, making Minnie phase through the roof out of shock. "I forgot that people were moving in!"
At that moment, I saw a moving truck rolling up to the front of the house.
"Ooo...I wonder who it is?!" You looked down at them with me.
People started to emerge from the truck, about seven of them to be exact.
"Omo! Cute boys! Score!" I screamed, and looked over at you to see you drooling.
"Yah," I tried to get your attention. You turned to look at me. "You might want to wipe your face. You were practically making it rain for them down there." You wiped your mouth and became embarrassed. I stopped then, putting two and two together and gasped - giving you the I-know-everything look.
"You knew that these boys were coming didn't you! That is why you suddenly showed up here only minutes before they arrived!" I pointed my finger at you.
Your face started to turn red.
"I knew it! I knew that there had to be a reason that you came here. It was about those 7 hotties. Okay, cool." I turned back to look at the boys. "I mean I can see why. I mean look at the guy who is shirtless. Like hot damn, let me run my hands down on those abs please." You quickly nodded in agreement.
"Aw, that one looks so cute! Like a little puppy! And that one- wait. Is that who I think it is!" I gasped. You looked to see me staring at the boy with the short black hair.
"Is that Junior?! It is! Oh my god what are the chances! He is the boy I was telling you about!" You looked away from me, pretending not to know anything.
"Wait. You knew that he was coming too?! Why didn't you tell me!" I yelled at you.
"Oh right. You don't talk. Silly me." I laughed. You nodded in apology.
"Yeah, yeah. I know, you are sorry. I forgive you. But I can't believe this! Do you know what this means?!" I asked you. You shook your head no.
"This means that I can finally pass on! My last regret has showed up to my door and this is my chance! Now..." I started smiling mischievously as I looked back down at the seven boys to see them moving their furniture into the house.
"Let the love games begin."

And first chapter done! Woo! *throws confetti into the air*

I know it didn't have a lot of the boys in it but I thought it would be good to start off with some background.
But fear not!
The next chapter will not be shy of GOT7 members~ ; )
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