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"Unni, the boss is looking for you." her friend said as they passed each other. She turned right around and went to see him. She knocked and went in after a couple second. He was sitting at his desk going over some papers, crossing out this and that, scribbling in something. "Sit down." His face looked a little frustrated. He finally put the papers down, sliding them across the desk to her. "What's this?" she asked picking them up. The roster for today and tomorrow, she looked them over carefully, "You switched my afternoon for tomorrows out of town. Thanks but why?" "Is everything going okay? No one messing with you?" he asked biting the end of his pen, "Because you know you can come to me, right, about anything." "Why are you asking?" He shrugged his shoulders, "One of the managers came to talk to me. Expressing that he wouldn't want anything to happen to you. That it would be best if you didn't go near his boys, for a while. I know they can be a little rambunctious.... They're not bullying you are they?" His concern was genuine, she hated to lie to him but she was pretty sure that whatever the manager had told him, this is what he was interpreting as. She shook her head like she didn't know what he was taking about. "If anything, I'm sort of close to a couple of them, like friends. When I worked with them, they seemed to like my company and conversations. I didn't have any problems with any of them." she said easily. It was somewhat true, "Although I had seen a couple things I probably wasn't supposed to see but like you said, I'm going to see things, hear things that I shouldn't" He was thinking about that, "Okay, so let's move on. Are you alright with going out of town tomorrow?" "Yeah, sure. Where ever the job takes me, right?" She smiled. As soon as she left the office, she texted him. She waited for him to respond but nothing, so she grabbed her stuff and left the building. It's never a good thing, waiting and then being stood up. She woke up the next morning, got her bag ready because it was going to be a day and night photoshoot. She texted him, even though he never called or texted her, she texted him. She wondered if this was it, the manager had spoken to her boss making it sound as though there was trouble brewing. She plopped down on her bed, she didn't want to let him go but she wasn't going to cause terrible for them. When she arrived at work, everyone was loading the vans down in the parking garage. She couldn't help but look when there was an incoming car or every time the doors opened. Her friend jumped out of a car and came running over to her. "Unni, I didn't know you were coming" she said throwing her bag in the van. "Sort of last minute." She said. She checked her phone one last time before putting it into her bag. Nothing.
"Hyung. Let me use your phone. I misplaced mine somewhere." He said leaning over his sleeping roommate. His hyung rolled over, shoving the rude maknae away, "Manager hyung took everyone's phones, saying we need to stay focused for a couple days. At least until we leave for promotions in Japan tomorrow" his hyung answered., "Our families were notified that all of us will be unreachable until then." He looked at the time. He couldn't believe what time it was, he was so tired after practice, he barely remembers getting back to the dorm. "He can't do that" He said sounding upset. He tossed his pillow across the room. His hyung sat up, looking at the thrown pillow. "Don't be like that, it's not the first time he's done this." his hyung said getting out of bed, "let's get ready." They arrived at the building. They made their way in through the crowd. It felt strange inside. Usually it's busy, people coming and going but today it felt empty. He peeked down the hall towards the studio, the doors were closed. Yesterday, even though he was busy doing photos, he got upset not seeing her anywhere. The hairstylists were getting fed up because he was nagging about how bad they were making his hair look, especially after getting her text that she was sent home. At one point, the leader had to step in and have a talk with him. Today. He was practicing hard, harder than usual. An uneasiness was settling in his stomach, he figured the harder he danced, he wouldn't feel it. At times it was no use. He had to do something, he had to call her.