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* This card contains a lot of fan service scenes . If you don't like that please turn back now while you still have the chance . You've been warned . ( ̄▽ ̄)

And TODAY we have FANSERVICE from [the KING of FanService] YOURS TRULY GRAY FULLBUSTER!!! ( a.k.a Gray-Sama )

Having to pick up his "striping habit" from Ur,

He's been walking around the guild shirtless and his comrades been used to it since .

Honestly speaking I LOVE Gray-sama's stripping addiction .

It doesn't matter what time, place, nor who's around . He's strips whenever and wherever . I find it really funny .

If it's not him shirtless it's him bottomless .

If it's neither anyone of those it's all GONE . It's blurry because I needed to keep it PG 13 . (・ω・)ノ

But it's not his stripping that makes him SEXY it's because it's an ice mage thing . ;)

If want to see my other cards click on the themes down below . Also THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU GUYS BEEN GIVING ME THROUGHOUT THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS . LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Aha, Gray-Sama has done a good job keeping his fangirls/fanboys pleased . Don't forget it's an ice mage thing . XD tagging the fairies : @Tylor619 @OtakuDemon10 @hikaymm @AimeBolanos

••••••• BONUS PICTURES •••••• 【since you all are amazing】

& I also have to think about the guys

And that's a wrap!!!

omg, don't just think about the guys, I enjoy me some naked girls where the hair is the censorship
fans opinions grays sexy level 99% lol
How can you make clothes out of paper and flowers ahhh
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