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Alright I spilled this one all too quickly if you missed part 15 by @SweetDuella there it is... Enjoy this next chapter...
“So I kind of did something” Sarah said with a smile as they walked into the coffee shop. “What did you do?” Jenni stopped and turned to Sarah “Well, first off have you talked to Namjoon about the kiss yet?” “How could I Sarah….Oh my god do you think that’s why he called this morning?” “That probably was it….So you’ll thank me for this.” “Don’t tell me you text him to come here.” The door opened with the bell going off and Sarah smiled behind Jenni. “Hi guys” She said walking around Jenni and giving them both a hug. Jenni turned and smiled. “Hey.” She said and turned back and went to the counter to order her food. After everyone ordered they sat down at a table and waited. There was an awkward air about the two. Sarah was good at keeping everyone talking. “So how were the shows this weekend?” “They were good; you guys should come to one.” Namjoon said “Yeah that would be fun and all but…” Sarah turned to Jenni “But we might just die from seeing you live.” Jenni added “Really?” Kookie said “Yea, I mean come on do you guys know what you do?” “Order 88” the lady called out. “I’ll get it” Jenni said and quickly got up to get everything and Sarah followed. “Dude don’t make this uncomfortable.” “I can’t help it I’m nervous.” “Don’t be.” They walked back to the table and Jenni sat down when Sarah grabbed Kookie’s arm. “What’s up?” he asked looking at Sarah “Come on I want to show you something.” He quickly got up and let Sarah pull him out of the coffee shop. Before they completely walked out the door Sarah turned to Jenni and mouth “It’ll be ok” and winked and then left. Jenni looked down at her coffee trying to get the courage to start talking. “Come on Kooookie! “ Sarah was still pulling him towards an unknown location. “Sarah where are you taking me” he laughed “I know of this great place, I heard from one of my favorite people that he likes to go here.” “He?” “Yup He.” “Are you friends with a lot of guys?” she turned to him and smiled. “What do you think?” “Honestly if you are I have a feeling they all really like you, your personality is just something that pulls people to you.” “That’s sweet of you, but to be honest I don’t really have guy friends. There were problems….so once I came here I finally started to try to make guy friends.” “What kind of problems? If you don’t mind me asking?” “Well…. It’s kind of deep.“ “I’m ok with deep.” He stopped walking making Sarah look at him. “You can trust me with anything, if you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to; I’m not going to force you to do so.” “Why are you this awesome?” Sarah hugged him “I’m really not used to this.” She continued and Kookie hugged her back. She took a deep breath and got a nice whiff of his cologne. She was going to remember that scent forever. “You’re not used to guys being nice?” he questioned pulling back so he could see her face. “Yea and actually caring or at least seeming to care.” “Trust me I care.” He quickly stated so she knew he wasn’t faking to care about her. “Ok…. So let’s continue to walk as I tell you about it.” “Sounds good.” This time they kept a little bit of space between them. “So I was with this guy for….a long time in America. I had guy friends before him, but then he came around and I stopped being friends with guys because I always thought it be easier, no jealous issues. Whenever I would even start talking to a guy and think I could be friends with them, he would get upset and assume I was cheating on him. So I never had guy friends for that reason. But here is the kicker I told him to stop being friends with girls because they all were trying to get with him; they would flirt in front of me.” “Seriously! What would he do?” “He would flirt back, but say he was just being friendly, and he said he would not stop being friends with them for me.” “Isn’t that a double standard, like you can’t have opposite sex friends but he can.” “See that’s what I’m saying, and thanks to Jenni for finally convincing me to start over, so I broke up with him and we both moved here.” “You have some guy friends now?” “Well yea, I have Tae and Jimin and Namjoon and Jin and Yoongi and Hoseok and I guess Dominic but he really is more of Jenni’s friend than mine….And you of course.” Sarah turned her head slightly and smiled at him. “So after 2 years you have 7 awesome guy friends” he smiled back “Yup. And look we are here.” Sarah pointed to the water. “So that favorite guy that you heard of this place was me?” he smirked “Yup!” she laughed “You really do know a lot about me.” “Is that bad?” she looked down thinking that maybe she shouldn’t be that open with how much she knows about Kookie and the guys. “No, no its not, it just means I need to learn more about you so we are even.” He started walking towards the water. “This is really a great place to listen to music and just think.” Sarah said following him “The Han river is my favorite place to go for that kind of thing.” They sat down and started snacking on the muffins they had ordered and finished their coffee. “Thanks for listening” Sarah said staring out to the water. “Thanks for telling me.” “It’s surprisingly very easy to tell you things. I don’t know why.” “Because I’m quiet and calm.” “Sure well say that. I know how you are Kookie….I’m waiting for the moment I get to see that craziness that comes out with the guys.” “Well maybe you should come to our practice tonight, or our sound stage tomorrow. Then you can see how serious we can get and how goofy we can get.” “That sounds like fun.” Sarah clapped her hands together and kicked her feet a little. Kookie laughed at how cute she was being. Then Sarah’s phone went off. “Well I bet I know who that is.” She pulled out her phone. Jenni: Alright you can come back now. They need to go back home. Sarah: Aww why Jenni: They have to go wake the guys up Sarah: We should go with them Jenni: No we need to talk so hurry up back here. Sarah: Oh ok fine crush my time with Kookie, I hope I get a lot of detail on what you two talked about. Jenni: Just get back here. “Pooh we have to go.” “I figured.” “How did you figure?” “You’re face showed you were not happy.” “Ha yea…lets go before Jenni or Namjoon kills us.” “You know we could just not go back?” “Oh you are being a rebel now? No boy you need to listen to your leader.” “But… I don’t want to, I want to…..” he stopped because his phone went off. He looked at it then started laughing. “What’s so funny?” “I guess Namjoon knew what I was thinking because he said don’t even think about not coming back we have a busy day ahead of us.” “He is the leader for a reason. Well why don’t I make sure to come to your practice tonight…. As long as I’m not tired, ill bring Jenni as well.” “Ok that sounds like a good idea. With that they walked back to the coffee shop, they didn’t even have to go inside. Both Jenni and Namjoon were outside waiting. Once Namjoon saw Kookie he quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him away with a quick goodbye. Sarah turned with a shocked expression at how fast Namjoon wanted to get out of there. Kookie shouted a goodbye causing Sarah to smile and say it back and once the doors were shut in the car Sarah turned back to Jenni. “What the heck happened?”
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I stay up to read and you leave me hanging.....aarrrggg
@JaxomB well maybe Jenni will update super quick lol....we just had a discussion on what I was trying to do to her lol
whoa! plot twist!!! I'm going to be up all night! wth happened!?!? (This is good you two!)