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Shout out to @twistedPuppy for making the most beautiful cover ever!
Chapter 1:
Who: Reader x Namjoon
Genre: School Life, Romance
Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
“[Y/N]! Over here!”
You turn in the direction you heard your name and smiled. You saw your best friend, Nana, waving for you to sit next to her. You quickly walk over to her before the lights of the auditorium dimmed. “Can you believe it?! We’re high school students now,” Nana squealed with excitement and grabbed your hand. “Shh.. the opening ceremony is starting.” You smiled at her and rest your head on her shoulder and said, “I’m so glad we got into the same school Nana.” Nana responded by squeezing your hand, which made you smile. You raised your head from her shoulder when the chairman made his presence on the stage, beginning the ceremony.
Once the ceremony was over you and Nana ran to the board listing what classes you would be in. You held your breath as you scanned the board for your name. Nana wrapped her arms around your left one and squeezed as she also scanned the board. You put your hands on hers, taking a deep breath. ‘Please let us be in the same class,’ you thought, ‘I don’t know if I’ll survive without Nana. I’m not good at being alone.’
Almost as soon as you finished your thought, your heart sank. There it was, class 1-B, your name was third from the top, but Nana wasn’t on that list. “1-D! [Y/N], what class are you in,” Nana said while jumping up and down excitedly. “I’m in 1-B. Guess we are separated this time,” you said turning to see Nana, feeling sad. “Oh, don’t be so sad [Y/N]! We will still get to see each other often, promise,” Nana said. She had let go of your arms and held out her pinky finger to you. You wrapped your pinky around hers and tried to be happy, but anxiety was hitting you already.
Nana grabbed both of your hands and demanded your attention. “[Y/N], I know you are nervous but this is a great chance for you. You’ll get to meet new people, make friends, and have new stories to tell me as we walk home. Heck, maybe some cute boy will start crushing on you,” she said and winked at you. “Hey!” you yelled and slapped her shoulder playfully, “you’re starting to sound like my mother.” A smile breached your lips and your cheeks a little rosy from Nana’s comment. Nana returned your smile and said, “Now let’s get to class before we are late! Let’s meet up in the garden at lunch?” You nodded and both of you headed toward your classes.
You entered class 1-B and it seemed like it was in total chaos. In the back corner some tall boys were teasing a few flirtatious girls. You rolled your eyes and just wanted to find a place to sit down where no one would bother you. You weren’t ready to make new friends yet. Once you found a seat away from the different loud cliques, you sat down and put your bag on top of the desk. You didn’t bother getting comfortable assuming there would be some kind of a seat assignment. Even if there wasn’t, this didn’t seem like a bad spot to sit.
Soon after, you noticed a beautiful middle aged woman walk in, calling for attention from the class. “Everyone please find a seat. We need to get started.” She turned toward the chalkboard and wrote her name elegantly, Ms. Kim Hyemi.
Ms. Kim spoke, “Before we dive right in, we need to get the seat assignment out of the way.” ‘Called it,’ you thought and smiled to yourself. “One by one please come up and select a piece of paper from the box and go to the corresponding desk.” Ms. Kim put a box on her desk and an opened notebook.
The first person to run up and grab a paper was a girl with bleached blond hair, and energy to last for days. ‘Please don’t have me sit next to her,’ you sighed while thinking this, 'I don't think I'll be able to focus if I'm next to her.' Everyone got in line to select their seat number so all you could do was hope luck was on your side.
Once it was your turn to pick your seat, you quickly grabbed a piece of paper and opened it. “25” is what it read. You referenced the notebook on the desk, left middle desk, not too far from the front. You smiled at where you ended up and turned to head toward your desk. Your stomach sank as you realized your desk was left of the blond girl’s. ‘I should just stop thinking my wishes. Nothing is going according to plan,’ you sighed and walked over to sit down. ‘Maybe this won’t be so bad. Don’t judge a book by its cover.’
A boy sat down in front of you and you quickly recognized him from middle school. Once he was settled he turned, smiled at you and said, “ Hey [Y/N], how was your summer break?” You returned his smile. ‘He has a very sweet smile. Cute dimples too, not sure if I have ever really seen him smile’ you thought before replying. “Hello Kim Namjoon,” you said somewhat softly, “it wasn’t too bad. Nothing exciting though. What about your summer?”
“Same, nothing super exciting. Glad to see we’re in the same class. I was nervous I wasn’t going to know anyone.”
Kim Namjoon chuckled and you giggled a little as well. Right as you were about to say something to him Ms. Kim started talking.
Namjoon POV
Namjoon noticed right away when [Y/N] walked into the class. She looked beautiful, as always. When [Y/N] walked in she seemed nervous and hesitant. Namjoon wanted to walk up to her and say something but couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. [Y/N] looked at where he was standing in the back corner with some other classmates and he could feel excitement growing inside him thinking she might recognize him. Namjoon smiled and put his hand up to wave at her but she seemed to look right through him, uninterested in what was going on around him. Maybe it was because the girls were being really loud. [Y/N] was never one for loud crowds. A little disappointed that [Y/N] didn’t notice him, Namjoon went back to joking with the others until the teacher walked in.
The class started the seat assignments almost right away and Namjoon made sure to stay a couple people behind [Y/N]. He wanted to sit next to [Y/N] so he watched her as she selected her seat. Once Namjoon saw her sit down he knew there were 2 seats open next to her and there were only 2 people in front of him. ‘I have a chance’ Namjoon thought. Neither of the people before him got the seat numbers near [Y/N]. Even though he wasn’t suppose to, Namjoon searched for a seat number near [Y/N]’s desk. “Hurry up,” someone said from the line. Ms. Kim grabbed a slip of paper for Namjoon and handed it to him saying, “take your seat, you’re wasting too much time.” He opened the folded paper and screamed with excitement inside, ‘Yes! Thank you Ms. Kim!’ Namjoon took a deep breath and walked over to his seat. ‘Keep it cool Namjoon. Don’t make this weird,’ he thought as he made himself comfortable at his new desk. ‘Okay, now be as natural as possible when you talk to her. 3, 2, 1.. Go.’
Turning and smiling at her, Namjoon said, “Hey [Y/N], how was your summer?” ‘Okay off to a great start,’ Namjoon thought as he mentally high fived himself. [Y/N] smiled at Namjoon and it was all he needed to melt. ‘God, I wish I could see that smile everyday for forever.’ “Hello Kim Namjoon, it wasn’t too bad. Nothing too exciting. What about yours?” Namjoon was surprised at how sweet and soft her voice sounded. He could feel his breath catching and himself getting nervous, but he needed to respond and keep from getting shy. “Same, nothing super exciting. Glad to see we’re in the same class. I was nervous thinking I wasn’t going to know anyone.” Namjoon laughed because he knew he was telling a small lie.
He knew [Y/N] was going to be in his class. Earlier that morning when he saw her name on the board in 1-B he screamed with excitement, causing everyone to look at him. After making a fool of himself he ran to class 1-B. Getting himself out of his thoughts,
Namjoon focused on [Y/N] awaiting her response but was quickly disappointed by the sound of Ms. Kim’s voice.
Ms. Kim started talking to the class so Namjoon turned to face the front with a slight look of disappointment on his face. You snickered a little bit noticing this. You pulled out a notebook and pencil from your bag and sat them on your desk. You figured time wouldn’t be wasted and class would start right away. Ms. Kim insisted that because it was the first day everyone needed to introduce themselves.
One by one different people would stand, say their name and something about themselves. Lots of people were saying which clubs they were interested in or what middle school they attended.
Soon it was Namjoon’s turn. You watched his back as he spoke not really paying attention and thought, ‘I never noticed how broad his shoulders were. He’s really thin too. You should eat more Kim Namjoon.’ You felt someone nudge your shoulder, it was the blond girl. You then realized you were spacing out and the whole class started to laugh. “Someone has a crush on Namjoon already,” someone said from the back. Someone else started making kissing noises causing the class to laugh. ‘Great... just what I needed on day 1,’ you thought as you felt your cheeks getting pink.
You stood up slowly and heard Namjoon speak, “Hey, stop teasing her. I’ve known her for a while so she didn’t need to pay attention to my introduction. Right [Y/N]?” You looked at him wide eyed as he tried to stand up for you. Namjoon was smiling at you and it only made your face grow pinker. You couldn’t manage to say anything so you nodded. Namjoon nudged you with his elbow and you took that as a sign to start your quick and brief introduction.
“My name is [Y/N]. I went to [Middle School Name]. Nice to meet you.”
“I also have a crush on Kim Namjoon,” some boy from behind said while trying to imitate your voice. The whole class started laughing again and you turned to look at him. The only way you could describe him was dark and handsome. He had dark eyes but they were strong, beautiful and somehow shined brightly. He had dark brown hair, thick yet clean dark eyebrows, a sharp jaw and the most uniquely shaped smile. You hated the fact that your breath caught in your chest the moment your eyes met his. His smile turned into a smirk when he looked at you, eyes meeting yours.Your face grew such a shade of red someone would have thought you were trying to be a tomato. This made the whole class laugh even more because there was no way of hiding it. You quickly sat down nearly slamming your face on your desk with a thud. Ms. Kim chimed in, “Alright that’s enough, move on please.”
The person behind you started their introduction and Namjoon turned to say something to you. “Hey, are you okay? Sorry my help wasn’t worth anything,” he whispered. You looked up at Namjoon and smiled at him. “Thank you for your help,” you said. “Really. It meant a lot.” You saw his cheeks turn a slight shade of pink. Namjoon looked away and brought his hand to rub the bottom of his nose and try to hide his embarrassment. This made you giggle a little. Namjoon looked at you when you giggled and chuckled a little as well. He smiled at you, eyes not leaving yours, winked and said, “glad to see you're not sad anymore,” then turned around.
You remembered the blond girl had nudged you so you figured you should say thanks. She was focusing on the person talking at the moment so you poked her arm to gain her attention. “Thank you,” you said when she turned to look at you. She smiled at you with a wide grin and then turned her attention back to the person speaking. ‘She isn’t so bad after all,’ you thought and laid your head down on your desk trying to forget everything that just happened.
That's it for Chapter 1!!
Hopefully you guys liked that start. :)
I'll post chapter 2 soon as I already have it written haha! ;]
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Love it and chapter 1 is simple and sweet as introduction . Love it !
I'm really happy you like it! Hopefully you enjoy the full story as it develops. :) Thank you for reading
It's finally here!!! 💗💗💗💗💗
Yes!! You finally put it up! I love it
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