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I decided to do it all together because why not >_< Had permission so it's cool..... Anyways LET'S BEGIN WITH SUPPORT SUNDAY!!!
Has to be Juvia.... I love how the character development they did with her!!! From a Rain woman to a woman that is able to love (very much) even though people rejected her and didn't want to be with her, she was able to accept herself and accept others!! She can also be very very very carefree but can get very serious when she has to. Plus, she is so me when I fangirl!!! And I love in the Japanese dub when she finds out about something and is all like "JUVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" SO CUTE!!!!! Next time you see Juvia fangirling you will get an idea of me fangirling to Levi (and others) (fangirling, just created a new word>_<) NOW MONDAY MAGIC!!!!
MEMORY MAGIC!!!! I actually made a card of this before in another Fairy tail challenge, but for those who did get to see it HERE YOU GO!!! Memory magic is the most beautiful magic ever (for me) ! Basically, this magic allows you to memorize a spell (or anything really) mix it with another spell or write a new spell to defeat your opponent.... GENIUS!!!! I like to create things myself and I really like this type of magic. When Rufus (the user of this magic) fought against Gray I kinda had my doubts about Gray cause, let's admit, Ice against the power to rewrite and create new spells in the spot...... anyone would say Rufus would win. But Gray has plot armor on his side sooooooooo...... NOW TEAM WORK TUESDAY!!!!!
Gray and Juvia for me. I really liked how they teamed up together in the magic games. Both are so powerful together I just love it! AND...... them teaming up make me ship them even more! ^ω^ Talking about ships..... TIME FOR........*drum roll* ............. SHIPS WEDNESDAY!!!
JERZA FOR LIFE!!!! This couple is so awkward I can't help but love it!!! I FREAKING ADORE how they respect each others choices SOOOOO CUTE!!! And-and Jallal changes like im a good way with Erza it's cute how he tries to hide his feelings but he just can't..... AND ERZA TOO!!! I am still waiting for that GLORIOUS day where they are finally ready to be with each other. 5th picture gave me the chills......... hehe, you probably looked back... OKAY THROW DOWN THURSDAY!!!!
Natsu and Lucy I need to see this happen!! Imagine..... Probably THE most popular ship in the ships of the fairy tail shiping got in a fist to fist fight....... AWESOME!!!! I can already imagine this!!! They would have to fight because they have to not because they want to... *Mikazuki1's imagination* Lucy: *screams* NATSU!!! YOU NEED TO STOP OR YOU WILL KILL EVERYONE HERE!!! Natsu: Who...... Is....... Natsu? Lucy: *shocking face* Mikazuki1: Holy f*cking sh!t that's END!!!!! Lucy: *whispers* no.*screams* NO!!! *cries* Natsu I know you are still in there... Please remember me.... remember the guild Natsu:Fire dragon..... Lucy:*screams* REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!! Natsu: ROAR!!!!!! *hugea$$ ball of fire comes toward Lucy but she is saves by Loke* Loke: what's going on? *Lucy cries and trembles* Lucy: Th-They took Natsu.... *Loke puts Lucy on the floor and stands* Loke: *Screams* WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM MAN?? YOU MADE HER CRY!!! Lucy: Stop.... He won't listen... Loke: But- Lucy: GEMINI!!! *opens gate of the Gemini cool entrance blah bla h blah* Lucy: ok guys we are doing the big one Gemi: Are you sure? Mini: it's Natsu after all. Lucy: We have to.... this won't stop him but I least I can distract him.. Loke: Lucy you don't hav- Natsu: Fire dragon WING ATTACK!! Lucy: *cries* I'm sorry..... Natsu. *Lucy cast the spell Urano Metria* *End of Mikazuki1's Imagination* NOW THAT WOULD SUCH A DRAMATIC, INTENSE, AWESOME FIGHT!!! Great story for them to tell in the future.... Sooooooo let's go with Favorite Friday!!!
Ahhh Erza Scarlet..... Titania....... strongest woman in Fairy Tail guild...... Cake lover....... I admire her ALOT. She's been through so so so so much and still has her head up high. Beautiful swordswoman, with a Handsome as hell future husband (*cough* *cough* Jallal) She is so amazing that is all I have to say. Moving on to Sexy Saturday....
Inside Fairy Tail guild of course Gray!! But if we are talking about outside fairy tail guild it would have to my dear sexy as heck Jallal. Say what you want but Jallal is the best in Fairy Tail for me...
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!!! @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @Hikaymm thank you so much for letting me participate in this challenge, I had lots of fun doing it!!! Really appreciate it!!!! Sorry, that was too much to read...
@OtakuDemon10 Alright thank you
Wait it Today the last day we can do this???? Or can i start it for next week?
@OtakuDemon10 Thank you!
@Yatosgirl no problem!
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