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I find it Ironic that Yixing is the one who always keeps saying 'No Homo Bro' yet initiates a lot of these moments...

The kissing...

NEVER Forget this historical moment

The butt touching...

And don't even get me started on the other members (I'm especially looking at you Baekhyun ㄱ_ㄱ)
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he's just an affectionate little innocent unicorn that doesn't know the other meanings his actions can be taken as.
*sigh* another member added to the pervert line😂
the pocky game with lay and sehun was priceless I always watch it and die cause I always freak out of watching them do it. which I find very enjoyable due to the fact I love Sehunnie and I love lay as well
But honestly though, this boy is going around kissing, blowing air, grabbing the booty and EVERYTHING. But yet, if someone else tried to do it to him, AH HELLLLL NO XD you cute little hypocritical shit Also, I really hope this is his form of fanservice because if it is, dear lord don't stop XD
... I still thinks its cute honestly ❤️❤️