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Kind of late, goIf you guys want to do it too here.

3. Natsu Dragneel

Of course I love me some Dragneel!!! Natsu is so stupid, it's super funny. But he'll put up a good fight, even if he can't win! Natsu never gives up and is always thinking about his friends and the people he could help out or even save, those are pretty much why I love Natsu Dragneel. Natsu, to me, also has one of the brightest smiles in all of anime! I love his smile and think it's super cute!!

2. Pantherlily

My favorite exceed and second favorite character happens to be Lily!! He's so cute and strong, and not like most exceeds you see in Fairy Tail, which is why I really like him. I also like the fact that he's Gajeel's exceed, because they make a pretty good team, and it seemed like they were made for each other!!
And now my number one favorite Fairy Tail character is... . . . . . . . . . . .


Come on, who doesn't love Titania?! Queen of Fairies!!! I love Erza Scarlet, because she's just that strong female character an anime needs. She had a hard past (and to me, one of the saddest), yet she overcame that. She could smile again thanks to becoming a wizard in Fairy Tail! I think I really love Erza because, in most anime, they always make the female seem weak and they always have to depend on the male to save them or something!! But Fairy Tail isn't like that. In Fairy Tail, all the female characters are strong and beautiful! And not every girl in Fairy Tail has to depend on a male, and even those who do, that's only sometimes. But anyways, I also love Jerza!! Like best ship ever (notbetterthanmarksontho)!! But yeah, that's basically why I love Erza Scarlet or Titania, Queen of Fairies!
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aka natsu
@TaehyungV I was joking Markson is life
@TaehyungV yeah you did. Jackbam is better then Markson
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