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They agreed to keep it cool. For almost two weeks, they kept it cool. The manager didn't seem to bother them, they hid their relationship well. The only ones that knew were his hyungs. But she still wasn't allowed to work with them and that was okay. Just being in the same building was enough. They often seen each other and would sometimes meet behind closed doors. She came to learn that they wasn't the only ones hiding. The tall one and the mouthy one were seeing each other, again. Her baby god had explained to her that it was an off and on thing. She already knew about her little dark god and the little mean one, it was the same with them. The loud one was seeing someone in one of the girl groups. Their leader was dating someone outside the company, so he often disappeared using his parents house as an excuse. The elder was seeing someone but broke it off when he got his military draft notice, the company was trying to get it pushed off a couple more years. She walked into the studio to retrieve some supplies when they were doing a shoot. She stood to the back watching for a few minutes. She happen to look over and seen her little dark god staring at her, she looked away and left. Right before she was about to get on the elevator, she felt a hand grab her. Startled, she jerked away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." her little dark god said. His smile could melt ice, his calm voice soothing. She all but had forgotten about him. "I haven't spoken to you in such a long time. Every time I try, you run away." "Oh yeah, I do have a job to take care of but you've caught me... " she said nervously. "I can guess why you're running away. It's because of what happened in Japan." he said. "No, I just have things to do is all...." He shook his head, "No it's not, I really think we need to talk about it." "There's nothing to talk about, it happened... one thing lead to another, it happened. Let's just forget it." she said trying to avoid the subject but he wasn't letting it go. They stood in the hallway, looking at each other until the elevator returned. He jumped in front of her. "Seriously, I think we do. You're dating him now and I don't want this between us." She stepped back, grabbed him the arm, taking him to her boss' office. Thankfully he wasn't working and they could have some privacy. "So talk" she said closing the door behind them. His cheeks puffed up, she couldn't help but think how cute he looked, slowly he let the air out, "That night, nothing happened between us." he said softly, when he seen her eyes narrow, "I'm telling you the truth." "Explain." she putting her stuff down, "Are trying to deny it to make me feel better or make yourself feel better?" "Neither.... well maybe you because like I said, you always run away from me. It was fun at first, teasing you but seeing how serious he is with you, my conscience... just sit down." He grabbed her and sat her down. "That night, what do you remember?" She thought about it, "Only helping you onto the couch and then...." she thought hard, "crawling into bed, waking up the next morning half naked." "So you don't really remember, you were pretty drunk." he said chuckling a little, "You helped me onto the couch when you thought I was passed out..." One Month Ago, Japan...
She pushed and heeved his long body onto the couch, just as she was leaning over him admiring his beauty, his eyes opened. He grabbed her around the neck pulling her down on top of him. Their kiss turned wild and they were both pulling at each other's clothes, rolling back onto the floor. He kept whispering how badly he wants her. She got up, trying to stand but he pulled her back down, making her straddle him, his groin grinding up. She could feel how hard he was through his pants, through her pants. He pulled her top off and started squeezing at her breasts. She grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the floor. "Let's get on the bed" he told her. She let go and crawled across the floor up into the bed, he was right behind her, pulling her pants off as she flopped face down on the mattress. He rolled her over and started kissing and nipping at her inner thighs, moving into the center of her legs, and then gently sliding his tongue over her sweet spot, it made her moan, her body arching up from the sensation. He continued to kiss and nip at her body, making his way up. He felt her fingers tangle into his hair pulling him in for another kiss. Then he stopped, he stopped when she moaned someone else's name. She was calling him by his little brother's name. He tried to go on, he thought he could but the more she did, the more he realized, his daesang is the one she wants. He slipped off the bed, pulling the sheets over her half naked body, put his shirt back on, and laid next to her. She had passed out completely. He laid there watching her before falling asleep himself.
She sat staring wide eyed at him, her mouth gaping a little. "Say something." he said to her. She finally blinked. "I feel bad now." she said after a minute. He was confused, "Why?" "Because... I don't remember any of that and you sound so disappointed that it didn't happen." she said. He took a deep breath and thought for a moment, "I was disappointed, very disappointed but my little brother was already in your heart. So what was I going to do, I couldn't take advantage of you, that would've been wrong, very wrong. And there was no way in hell I was going to be that kind of monster." She jumped up, stood in front of him, she couldn't believe how unbelievably good he is, how very mature he had acted on that night. Before he could stop her, she hugged him. She hugged him so tight that he let out a yelp. "You're a good man." she said to him. It made him feel good to hear her say that so he hugged her back. "What the hell is this?" they heard someone say. They both looked. Standing at the door was her baby god.
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