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After so many MBBs waited in line in the rain for the concert, it has finally began.
Hear their first concert LIVE here!!

Kihyun sang a Bruno Mars song already! I'm dead!!


It's done already, but here are some pics from mbbs.

There will be another concert mañana, so I'm almost positive they'll stream it live again.
They Dressed up as girls and danced to Twice 'Cheer Up' & Red Velvet 'Dumb Dumb'.

Dad is that you? lol

Big Hug to Monsta X! They were amazing!! ♡♡ They even shed tears.

Fighting 몬베베! Good Night~

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@MonAnnahiX thank you! love this card! I hope to see their next live stream concert.
a year ago·Reply
@MelissaGarza thank you! ^^ I put up another picture (Last 1 for sure!) I know I'm bad! 😫 I'm sorry lol
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX it's okay ☺
a year ago·Reply
Ahhhh them as girls!!!! 😂😂😂😂
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