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Who's ready?

so I can't sleep and im watching the smtm5 finals .....they decide to do a performance with unpretty rapstar contestants for this season and let me say this.....

they killed it

I've never been more excited for a season like I am for this one (of course the first and second were insane) but this season so many amazing rappers!

Rapper Roster this season:

Nada (Queen & Bias from Wa$$up) Euna Kim (first time seeing her ....she's already a top fave) Giant Pink (new to her as well....she is another top fave) Jeon (forgot her full name lol but she's amazing) Yuk Ji dam(you may know her from season 3 of smtm & season1 of unpretty rapstar and might I say she's improved sooo much I'm excited to see what she brings) Grace(new to her as well ....so far so good) Miyro(I think thats how you spell it , she kinda looks like yezi in the teaser but she's pretty good as well) Kassy Janey Ha juyun (probably spelled the last part wrong lol so forgive me)
This looks better then the other seasons tbh let's hope we don't have a truedy on this season๐Ÿ˜’
@NydiaEdwards from the looks of it none of them have that truedy vibe so I'm really excited