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Today is the fourth day of the BBCP!!!! Whoo!!!! And it's all about my Big Bang bias!!!!

My bias....? But who's my bias?

A-Are you my b-bias, Taeabs...I-I mean, T-Taeyang!!! *blushes* So embarrassing!!!!

Ahhhhhh so cewt so cewt!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh sooooo cewt!!!!!! Are you my bias, Seungri!??!!? C:

Awwww such a cute smile!!!!! You always can make me smile Daesung!! Are you my bias???

TOP!!! Why are you so silly!? cx It's okay, I love you just the way you are!!! Wait....Does that mean you're my bjas!???!?!

But wait....None of you are my bias!!! O.O Soooo....Does that mean someone else is my bias...?

-Wait a minute.....No....I'm not serious...Am I!? B-but he belongs to @BBxGD, @KwonOfAKind, @Helixx, and so many others!!!!!

*Sighs* Fine!! I'll admit it....My bias is someone that many of you know (and should know!! cx) My bias is....

Daesung!!!!! ........Wait....No.... Wrong!!! go away Daesung!!!! cx Hehe....Sorry about that.

This is my bias! The one and only Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon!!!!

He was the one who popped out to me with his red hair and rapping skills in the first Big Bang MV I watched.

After that, I just kept falling more and more for him.

I don't know why I chose him. Maybe it's because of his shyness or his voice! Maybe his adorableness!!!!

His sexiness?? Maybe, but he really is sexy though....!!! *Drools*

I personally think it's his smile!! Just look at it!!! Sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!

But maybe it's because I can relate to his songs. Ya...Maybe...

Anyway, were you surprised or was it obvious that he's my bias? Either way, I love this man! But rather than marrying him, I want to meet him and be his friend.

@BBxGD can marry him instead!!! ^-^

Who's your bias in Big Bang?

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@TheEnlightment Haha that must be difficult!!!! As long as they have each other!! cx
seungriiiii is my bias!!! but GD is the wrecker haha it's a hard life when your bias and your wrecker also happen to be one of your OTPs - _ -
@resavalencia Haha always there for me when I drool 😅 And I love TOP! He's such a funny and cool person! He was almost my bias but GD won that spot ^-^
Love GD!! (here's a tissue for that drool chingu 😉) As much as I love him though, my bias is and always has been T.O.P - I knew (and loved) him as an actor before I ever got into kpop 😆