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So I made myself wait to post this until morning because we had already put two up. It's early morning and I don't feel like writing to much of a little intro to the card. If you missed @SarahVanDorn 's part 16 here is a link to it. You can find out what happened with Sarah and Kookie at the Cafe!
(Backing up to Jenni and Namjoon in the cafe) Shortly after Sarah and Kookie went their own way Jenni and Namjoon grabbed a table and sat down opposite of each other. She had an iced coffee in her hand and was twiddling with the straw. “You-” “How-” They both started talking at the same time making them both stop. “You go first” Jenni insisted. “How are your eyes?” he asked. “Feeling dry” she shrugged than remembered he knew about the bleach incident. “They aren’t as bad as before and the burning stopped. I’m sorry I didn’t text you back” she apologized. “If you couldn’t see for a while it wouldn’t be easy to text someone” he chuckled. “Very true. I had to have the cleaning lady help me get to the studio so I didn’t get lost” she told him truthfully. “Have you gone to the hospital to get your eyes checked out?” he asked. “No, I didn’t think I needed to since it was getting better on it’s own” Jenni said. She took a sip of her coffee. “That does not mean your better. Just that your ignoring the issue” he scolded her which made her shrink a little in her seat. “I’m not meaning to” she said quietly. “ Than let’s go to the hospital and get your eyes looked at” he said starting to stand up. “Okay okay, I’ll go after, but can we just sit and talk for a little bit” She asked reaching out to grab his hand. It was so much bigger than hers. He looked down at their joined hands and than at her. “I don’t have much time. I have to go wake up the rest of the guy’s by seven thirty” he said finally sitting back down. “Oh gosh. You didn’t have to come out just for a short time” Jenni said. “Nah, anything that lets me see you” he said. “That’s sweet” she smiled like a fool. She looked down at her coffee feeling a bit shy after that. “What are you doing tomorrow?” he asked her all of a sudden. “Just work same as today” she said. “Well maybe not the same instances” she tacked on there. “Do you want to go on a date tomorrow night?” he asked. “Yes” she said excitedly. “And thanks so much for clarifying its a date.” The smile on his face was so adorable, like a little kid getting what he wanted. “It’s a date” he said once more. His phone started to make noise and he pulled it out to turn it off. “It’s the alarm. I have to get going” he said. “I’ll text sarah to come down” Jenni said pulling out her phone. “Can you see?” he asked. “Yes, I can see. I’m okay” She reasured him. “Oh, you like coffee right?” she asked as they both stood up. As she put her phone on the table next to the cup he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. “Please take care of yourself” he said close to her ear. “I do-” “No, go to the hospital. Next time I see you I don’t want to see your eyes puffy and red” he leaned back and placed his hands on either side of her face and stared into her eyes. “Um, okay” she was starting to feel uncomfortable, well no not uncomfortable, tingly and her stomach turned into a big knot. Without thought he moved his thumb and brushed at her right eye, all of a sudden a stinging sensation came over her and her eye started to water. There was a look of shock on his face before he let go of her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” he rushed in to say. “It’s okay” she said covering up her eye. “I feel really bad I can’t take you to the hospital-” “It’s okay” Jenni said again. “Sarah can take me after this” she said. “Call me when you get checked out” he told her and she nodded. Both of them started messaging their friends once again and a moment later they were coming down. “Don’t forget to call me after” Namjoon said. “And I’m sorry-” “You don’t have to say it” she said. He grinned at her, gave her a peck on the cheek and than ran out the door. Sarah turned to Jenni after Kookie ran out the door after Namjoon. “What the heck happened?” she questioned. Once Sarah looked at Jenni her eyes widened. “Holy cow, did he hurt you?” she asked as Jenni was holding onto her eye. “Not on purpose” Jenni said. “But my eye is starting to really hurt again.” “Did you rub at it?” Sarah asked. “No, I didn’t” Jenni used a weird voice. “Did he?” Sarah changed the questioned. “Yes” Jenni answered in another weird voice. “Seem’s something-” “He was just worried about me. He kept telling me I need to go get my eyes checked out” Jennni said. “Alright alright fine. Let’s go to the clinic down the street. It’s not the hospital but I doubt you want to go there” she said. “The clinic sounds better, less people around” Jenni nodded. As Sarah and Jenni walked down the street to the clinic they told each other of the events that happened at the coffee shop. When they got to the clinic there was a half hour wait before she could see the doctor. When the doctor saw Jenni he told her that she did the right thing by rinsing out her eyes but that she should have come in sooner. There was a little irritation in the right eye due to rubbing and so gave her eye drops to lesson the irritation in the eye. “So how did it go?” Sarah asked when they got outside. “He gave me a little thing of eye drops. I’m not supposed to rub my eyes which was apparently what made it worse. He said that I hadn’t gotten to much in them and it could be worse but it was good to come in” Jenni explained. “Well that’s good. I was worried with how long it was taking you in there” Sarah said linking her arm with Jenni’s. “Wait when did you rub your eyes? I’ve been with you all morning- Oh wait Namjoon rubbed your eye, is that what did it?” she questioned. The thought had crossed her mind but that it could have been but several hours had past since it actually happened. “I don’t think so” Jenni said. “Well I think so. But whatever.” Sarah shrugged. “Oh, I need to call Joonie and let him know” Jenni pulled out her cell phone. “Awe can’t be seperated for a mere few hours” Sarah teased. “He asked me to call him when I got check out. Look I’ll call was we head to the studio. It’s after 11. Wow, okay we were at the clinic a lot longer than I thought” Jenni said. “Okay fine, make your call” she said. So on the way to the studio Jenni called Namjoon and since he wasn’t answering left a voicemail letting him know it was just an irritation of the eye and she got eye drops. She didn’t go into detail about it and told him that if he was busy she’ll just see him tomorrow.
Namjoons smile! (I just love this picture of him)
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@FromBlue2U I'm super happy to have you liking it so much. and may take you up on your offer in the future. never know when help is needed. 😊
@SarahVanDorn my attention is hard to capture! Your fan fiction has me fully invested, waiting with bated breath for the next installment. @SweetDuella you ladies have me as a fan. need any story ideas or a sounding board, DM me. I'm happy to help.
RM is going to worry until she contacts him....
@FromBlue2U seriously thanks for enjoying our story we enjoy it to and you've given us some great ideas
@FromBlue2U oh I prolly just like that. I had a moment and was like omg what just happened! what did she do to me. 😱😭
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