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Late at night when your dreaming, are your dreaming of me?? @KurosakiJess Such a cute pic, captain and Navi are One Piece 鉂わ笍 except when I get black and bruised from saying dumb stuff hahah!! The life of pirates!! One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!!
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you mean Nami right? because i dont think Luffy and Navi the fairy would ship very well at all
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yeah i mean nami and are you kidding have you seen the way they take care of each other like its one thing when he gets mad over his crew but if its nami he goes beserk
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no no no i know that, what I'm talking about is navi the fairy from legend of Zelda orcarina of time and luffy from one piece probably wouldn't ship at all
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oh then yes sir you are correct lmao
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Navi short for Navigator, haha my own little things for each member haha
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