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The future only gets bigger and better for the Straw Hats!! These aren't the posted bounties that are current with the anime❗️❗️ @KurosakiJess @nimm14 @DevilsSon @HunnaBallue @DevilsSon One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!!
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that's not the right pictutes
@ReillySkinner this isn't the current pictures out that are shown after dressarosa true!! This is different.
Yeah I remember franky complaining that usopps bounty was bigger than his.
these aren't actual yet, plus Ussops's is 300mil as of now I believe
Usopps I believe is always going to be stupid high. he may not be strong but he's a smart guy and it's also gonna be used for comedy a lot. mine Sanji will go above him but usopps always gonna be close from now on