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Yes. I'm a day late. Oh, the joys of procrastination. c: Anyway, this one was a little difficult... I've seen many openings and endings, and related to a fair amount of them, so it was difficult to pick just one. However, I think I may have finally decided on a good pair for at least this phase of my life. (Which I have just switched the order of in my head. Hence, I promise my choices are last-minute.)

Out of Control

Nothing Carved In Stone

I was going to have this be my ending, but decided it worked better as the OP after all. Ah, how fickle I am. XD Anyway... I chose this one to represent the more positive part of my contradictory personality. Although I'm mostly cynical about the ways of the world, part of me still believes that there are people out there that make the world worth fighting for. To me, this song represents actually finding said people and opening up, maybe changing the world together. Good mood to open with, I think. (Too bad my life isn't exciting enough to warrant the cool music. XD)


Last Alliance

I've learned something in the past year, which I'm trying to apply as a life philosophy for the rest of this year. Trying and failing to do something hurts. But it will hurt more in the long run to not try. Hence this song. Gives a feeling of facing your fears and chasing after what you want, which is a message I would hope my "anime" would leave viewers with.
And so, the end of another card. A day late. I may have already answered today's question in my head, so there might be another card from me later today. Till then, ja ne! @hikaymm