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@nimm14 just joined the crew, and for a good reason, We need a Dr haha. For how much we get injured we need someone who can good off with us and also heal us when we act dumb, mainly me (Captain) @ChrisStephens (first mate) and @DecilsSon (sogeking) haha were too crazy sometimes haha!! Welcome aboard newest crew and mod member @KurosakiJess (Navigator) and @HunnaBallue (archaeologist) We all welcome you aboard!! Captains orders!! and no will complain anyways we want an awesome crew with crazy people and NAKAMA!! One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!!
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@nimm14 welcome aboard. glad to have you with us @luffynewman spelling error in my name lol
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@nimm14 Welcome ^^
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@DevilsSon @HunnaBallue lol thanks guys xD
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@nimm14 Congrats!!
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@DevilsSon so not cap N just nimm14? lol I gotcha NAKAMA!!
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