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Your votes have been counted and We have a Winner! Thank you all for Voting and I hope you enjoy this Card.
Sorry this card is so late today. I had to make Preparations for my Birthday tomorrow.

What do I think about Hansol?:

I Love Hansol. He's My Bias of ToppDogg. I think he is so Freakin' Cute. I'm Still a Little bit New to ToppDogg, But I've Noticed that Every time I watch one of their music videos, I always Catch myself Staring at Hansol. So I guess that makes him my Bias.

Facts About Hansol:

Real name: Kim Hansol (旯頃滌啍)
Birthdate: June 15th, 1993
Horoscope: Gemini
Height: 172cm
Weight: 61kg
-Hansol had ML (Mad Light) as his Stage name before their Debut (requested by Jenissi) but he Changed it to Hansol (real name) because there were too many English names already.
- Hansol voice acted "bubbles" in the Korean Dub of Powerpuff Girls.
Okay, These are All the Facts that I could dig up about Hansol, so I will make it up to you guys. I'll post My Favorite ToppDogg songs. This First one is Probably my Favorite song by them. It's so Catchy and it's Got an Awesome Beat.
I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS SONG! it's called "Annie" I wish they would go ahead and release it on iTunes because if they do, I'm Definitely going to Buy it!
well, that's it for this week. once again, I'm sorry that this week's card is so short.
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Hansol is my bias wrecker in Topp Dogg. He's always trying to knock out Sangdo from the top of my list 馃榾
@YongRaviZiMon Awwwwww it's not your fault that they didn't release that much about him!! So don't worry about it! The stuff you found is interesting enough! c:
@CrookedShadow I tried every way I could to find more facts about him. I looked on every facts site and that's all they would tell me. I'm sorry I failed. 馃様
He was the voice of Bubbles in the korean dub!!?!!? That's so funny!!!! XD XD XD XD And sad that there isn't more stuff about him :l But you seem busy! So I'll forgive you ^-^
@YongRaviZiMon Naw, Naw your good. 馃榿
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