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Okay so what Anime character am I most like??? There are three, so let's look at them shall we.
The first ones gotta be Chopper. I'm similar to him in quite a few ways. We both have a child-like personality. We want to know a lot of different things. We want to help others, no matter what the cost. We love our friends and probably would not function if we lost them. This is why I'm like chopper.
The next character I'm like is Robin. We both enjoy a lot of the same things. We both love history, I'm actually a history major lol. I like sitting outside and reading books, much like Robin does. I have a very dark since of humor/observations, so does Robin. This is another character I'm like.
And the last character I'm like is Bartolomeo. Just how he acts around the Strawhats and stuff like that. Our pesonalitys are similar as well. I love this guy to death xD. And there you have it folks. The three anime characters I'm most similar to. @OtakuDemon10 @DevilsSon