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Favorite Sexy Character?...... ALL OF THEM! Almost every damn character in FT is incredibly hot! xD So.. Im just going to post some Hot pics for the Boys & Some for the girls ; ) Enjoy my lovelies❤


TuT too bad it only lets me post 50 if not Id post more xD
Well that's the last theme for the Fairy Tail Challenge! BUT! You still have time to join in on the fun or those a little behind you guys can all still catch up because you have till MONDAY! Remember the theme's for the challenge are! Support Sunday- Favorite Support Character Magic Monday- Fav Magic Teamwork Tuesday- Fav Duo/Group Who do you ship Wednesday?- Favorite Ships! Throw down Thursday - Who Would Win (make up a battle) Favorite Friday- Favorite Character Sexy Saturday- Who is your Favorite Sexy FT character


@NessaB Ohhh TuT yea I get you 😂
😂😂 I agree with Spongebob haha. hmmm Gray soooooo hot then Sting then Rogue then Gajeel then Jellal then......... 😍😍
super jelly of spongebob right now 😓
@KageTsuki040910 TuT omg nuuuuu xD
Goddamnit @AimeBolanos you trying to kill me aren't you blood won't stop flowing fuck...
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