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Hide and Seek or Breathless?
14 days til KCON LA 2016! So todays question is with rookie grouo Astro! They have two title songs now so which one do you like more? ^^ Theyre both such cute concepts and catchy!
Hide & Seek was their debut song and I think its so cute! They are just cute! ^^ This is the performance video cuz I like the dance a lot~ maybe I should learn it before I go to KCON
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If I had to choose I think it would be Breathless :)
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I can't wait till they go all bad boy theme on us!!
a year ago·Reply
@emhoover1993 oh man that would kill me!
a year ago·Reply
@EverieMisfit I know right!!!
a year ago·Reply
I like both. I am jealous of the lineup.
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