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Ok, back with another one shot! This one is for Jackson Wang of Got7. Have fun reading!!!!!
Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Your job as a sexy dancer featuring Got7! (Jackson Wang one shot) You were at your work place in your sexy pink lingerie waiting for another call. As you were waiting, the phone rang at your desk and you ran over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello? You called a sexy dancer. How can I help you?" You said after you picked up the phone. "Hello, this is Mark from Got7 and I'm with the other members at our dorm. We need a sexy dancer because we're throwing a bachelor party for one of our member's family members who is engaged." The voice on the other line replied. You covered your mouth and let out a mute squeal. You could not believe the oldest member of Got7 was calling! "Ok, where is your address?" You asked. "I'm at ** _________" Mark replied. "Ok, I'll be there in a few moments." You said. "Awesome! We can't wait!" Mark replied. You hang up the phone and you tell one of the drivers to take you to the address of the dorms of Got7. You get in the car as you wait until the driver stops at the address. You then get out of the car and you walk to their dorm. Once you get to the dorm, you look for their doorbell. There was no doorbell so you knocked on the door until someone opened the door. Yugyeom answered the door with a satisfied look on his face. "Did someone call a sexy dancer?" You ask him as your introduction. "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled out of happiness with the rest of the guys as you turn on your boom box to your Got7 playlist. The first song that played was A and the guys started dancing to their own song. "Clear the table someone!" You yell to someone. Mark tells someone else in Korean and Youngjae clears the table and you step on the table and dance to their song. The playlist went like this: 1. A, 2. Girls Girls Girls, 3. Just Right, 4. If you do, and finally their latest hit song Fly. After Fly ended, you switched the music to upbeat and sexy music and you danced until you were tired of it. "Alright boys I'm getting tired of dancing so I'm going to show you my hide and seek game that I do with idol groups I get calls from. First you all have to close your eyes and I hide in my bias' room and after I count to 20 in Sino Korean, I will say 'ready or not, come and find me' and you have to find me. You can search all over the dorm except eachother's bedroom. You can only search your bedroom as well as the other rooms except other members' bedrooms. Do you all understand?" "Ne~" the guys all say in response after you explain the game and ask if the guys understood. "The member that finds me will get a special treat." You said. The guys were looking at each other in satisfaction as if they were about to be had by you. "Like? Okay! Alright, close you eyes and I will count and hide." You said. The guys closed their eyes with a smile on their face as they were excited as faggots. "일, 이, 삼, 사, 오, 육, 칠, 팔, 호, 십, 십일, 십이, 십삼, 십사, 십오, 십육, 십칠, 십팔, 십호, 이십. Ready or not come and find me!" As you were counting, you ran and hid on Jackson's bed in his bedroom that he shares with Mark. As the guys were done searching they sat on the couch in disappointment because you didn't hide on their beds in their bedroom. Only six of them were sitting on the couch because Jackson just found you and he was so happy that he won! You then started talking to him in a seductive tone as you were getting ready to seduce him and make love to him. "Before I tell you what my special treat is for you I need you to take all your clothes off, in the bathroom with the door closed, then I need you to soak yourself with the shower water, then when you're done, wrap a towel around your waist and I'll tell you more after that." You explained to him. You had to keep that look on your face because you were at work, but you were so excited that you are about to make love to Jackson Wang of Got7! "Alright! I'll get to it!" Jackson replied with an excited look on his face. He walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. You then closed the door to his bedroom and locked it so no one could open it. Once Jackson took all his clothes off, he then started the shower water and adjusted the temperature of the water until it was ice cold. He then soaked himself until he was completely wet and he also washed his body by rubbing soap all over his body and washing his hair as well as soaking it totally wet. Once he was done, he dried his hair with only a towel, combed it back, applied hairspray on it until it was still, wrapped a towel around his waist, and opened the door. You were waiting for Jackson to finish up in the bathroom until he opened the door. You looked at him there for a moment as he stood there right I front of you wearing absolutely nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist as he looked at you with hungry eyes. "Now I'm not gonna tell you anything else because I want to surprise you with the special treat." You said. "Closer" you said. Jackson took a few steps towards you lying on his bed. "Closer" you repeated. Jackson took a few more steps towards you until he finally reached you. You then pulled him closer to you and whispered in his ear. "Better". He then got on the bed and hovered over you looking deep into your eyes for a moment. "Perfect!" You whispered to him as you were looking at his eyes. You then pulled him closer to you and you started kissing his neck. You then paused for a moment and waited for him to kiss your neck. He kissed your neck as you closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling of him kissing your neck. You then set him to where you were making eye contact again. "Open" you said. He opened his mouth as wide as he could. "Okay not that much... Just to where I can see your teeth. He then closed his mouth and showed his teeth. You then pulled his head close to yours and then started to kiss his teeth and suck his teeth too. As you were doing that he covered your lips with his and kissed you. You two were kissing as you had your hands on his back. He then pulled his towel off exposing his dick and butt. You took a condom out of your front pocket of your lingerie, gave it it to him, and he put it on. You then turned him over and kissed his lips. As you two were kissing, he started to unhook your lingerie from your butt, then your back, then your straps, and when he finally took your lingerie off, he threw it next to his towel. He then turned you over and started twirling his tongue around your boobs as they were addictive and distractive to him. After he did that he looked at you, and kissed your lips again until you turned him over, kissed his neck, and started rocking your hips on his pelvic bone until he shoved his dick up your hole. You then started to grind on top of his pelvis while his dick was inside your hole. You continued to kiss his neck until you had to breathe. You then aimed to kiss his lips and you continued to do so as he turned you back over and you pulled him closer to you with your hands on his back. You then turned him back over and continued to grind you hips on top his pelvis until you both ran out of breath and he slipped his dick out of your hole and you fell back on his bed and you both caught your breath. "Well Jackson, that was your treat!" You said to him. "Aw man that was awesome! Can we do it again sometime?" He asked you. You froze and blushed at his request. You put your hands over your mouth and giggled to yourself. "Sure, when I get off work, but I don't know when that's going to be because I work all the time!" You replied. "Well, when you do get off work, call me." He said. He then got up, grabbed a sticky note and wrote down his cell phone #. He then gave it to you and you folded it and put it in your front pocket. "Okay, I will call you. Someday." You said. You then got up, kissed him, and put your black coat back on. You also picked up you lingerie and put your shoes on. "Well, I'm heading out now." You said to him. "I had fun with you!" You said as you unlocked the door and you walked out of his room, Jackson put his robe on, and followed you around as you picked up your boom box, your purse, and your small pouch as you opened it and gave him a cubed caramel treat. "Here's an extra treat for you." You said as you gave him the treat. "Thanks! I'll see you soon!" He replied. "Bye!" The guys all said as they waved at you walking out their door. You waved back when you got to their door and smiled at them. "Bye boys!" You said. You then walked out of their dorm and went downstairs and outside. You then used your cheap cab app and got a ride back to your work place.
I hope you all liked it! Please suggest another idol for me! Also, if you live in the DFW area and are going to the SHINee fan meet LET ME KNOW as I need a ride! If you're going, let me know because I need a ride!