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Chapter 5 ************* I was laying in the medows with Master Leo. We were both laying on our sides, looking into each other eyes. He raised his hand and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. He gave a small soft smile. I smiled back and reached out for him but he disappeared in thin air. I sat up and there was fire buring everywhere. "Master Leo!!!" I yelled for him "Master Leo!!!!" "Its to bad you couldn't save him" a voice said. I couldn't see the guy face but I knew it was a male. I knew that voice sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "What have you done to Master Leo?" "He's being punished for taking something that wasn't his" the words whispered in ear like wind. The guy disappeared and I was left in the meadow circling around with fire all around. I slumpped down to the ground and sobbed as  I called out for Master Leo. The flames caught on my clothing and started to burn me as I cried in pain. I jolted up from my bed to see everyone in my room. Master Leo was sitting on the edge with his hands on my arms. "Are you okay? You were screaming in your sleep. Were you having a nightmare?" Master Leo asked me. I looked into his eyes and broke down crying. I think he told the others to go to bed as he pulled me into a hug and rocked me to calm down. His hand stroked my hair as he made shushing noise. "Its okay. Everything is okay." He told me as I cried into his chest. "I thought I lost you" I mumbled under a sob. "He said that you were being punished for taking something that wasn't yours. There was fire and I was burned to death" The words came out through the sob as the tears could make up a river. He pulled me away to look at my face. His thumbs whipped the tears away. "I would never leave you. And I would never let that happen to you. I promise, you are mine for eternity." He whipped more tears away. He pulled back and stood. "Lets get you back to sleep." He pushed me to lay back down and pulled the covers over me to tuck me in. He kissed my cheek and went to leave the room. "Stay" "Will you please stay with me Master Leo" he turned to look at me. He was in a white shirt v neck so it showed his well built chest. And pajama pants that hanged low on his waist. He sighed and crawled into the bed with me. "Sleep" he said. "I don't think I can Master Leo" I told him. "Then should I fined a way to put you to sleep." He looked down at me before shifting his weight on top of me. "Tell me baby? I can give you what you want, just say the words." He said in my ear as he kissed my jaw down to my neck. I out stretched my neck for him. His teeth and lips made their imprints as he slipped off both of our clothes. "Daddy" I moaned as his touch spread out electricity though my skin. "Yes Baby, Daddy will please you" he whispered as his lips softly ran down my collar bone and down to my nipples. He swirled his tongue on one as his finger played with the other and switched.  I arched my back and moaned. "Daddy?" "Yes Baby?" "I want to pleasure you" I told me. He looked at me with a blank stare and then smirked. "Sure Baby" he flipped us over to where I was on top. I kissed his lips and tailed down his body as I came face to his throbbing member. I slowly wrapped my lips around him and swriled my tongue around the slit of his head before bobbing my head up and down. His fingers laced in my hair as he moaned. I was able to deep throat him. I knew that he was going to cum if I kept going but before he could, he pulled me away. My lips made a pop sound as they released his member. "Ride me baby" he told me as I slide myself onto his member. I moaned as he too moaned. With his hands on my hips I pumped myslef with his assistants. We were both panting hard. His hands grasped my boobs and rubbed his thumbs in a circle motion on my nipples. I gave a loud moan as I felt the pleasure exploding though my body. I felt my legs cramping and shaking as I couldn't pump anymore. He flipped us and continued the job as his lips attack my neck. "Daddy-- i'm---" I moaned as I released my fluids over his member and he flood his inside me. He gave me one peck. "Baby that was wonderful" he pulled himself out and wrapped an arm around me from behind. "Now Daddy wants his baby to sleep" "Goodnight baby" he whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. I knew I blacked out but I felt a shake on my shoulder. I groaned at the person who was shaking me. I squinted an eye open and saw Nisha standing infront of me. "What?" I groaned again. "Come on we have somewhere to go." She said pulling me from Master Leo grip. I looked at him to see him sleeping peacefully. "Yes, yes. Lover boy looks sweet in his sleep but we need to go." Nisha said while rushing me. I took a quick shower and found her by the garage. She had a key in her hand as she waited for me. "Im ready, where are we going?" "I been craving and we ran out of blood. We need to go to the blood bank to get more" she said unlocking the car and getting in the drivers seat while I got in the passenger seat. "HakYeon said I'm still new but my craving should have died down now but human food isn't lasting me long. I fed off of HakYeon last night but it didn't last me long either. I need a blood packet before I go crazy" She explained as we drove to the hospital. When we pulled up. We both got out. Nisha put on sunglasses to cover up her eyes. It went well with her black skinny jeans, with a black v neck shirt and a black vest jacket. Her long hair hair was curled too. We stepped in the building and made our way to the blood service. "Hello how can I help you?" A middle age lady asked us. "We are here for a pick up" Nisha said. "Clan's Name?" "Vixx" The lady nod and got up to walk in the back. We stayed by the front desk and waited. I looked around and saw two guys that entered. My eyes widen as I ducked behind Nisha. "What the hell are you doing?" "Shush, I know those guys they were my master a while back" I said as the lady came back with two cooler full of blood. "I need you to sign this" holding out a paper to signed. Nisha scribbled her name and grabbed the two coolers. When we turned around I came face to face with Dongchul. My first vampire master. "Areum?" He asked as he looked at me up and down. "I haven't seen you in awhile, I still see that your alive and well. How are you? Still useless as ever?" His breathe faned in my face. Something seem to caught his eye. He moved my hair that was covering my neck and saw the newly formed bruise from last night by Master Leo. I didn't know what happened but he was groaning in pain. "Touch her again, I dare you!" Nisha growled between her teeth. He looked at Nisha. "Sweetheart, I would be careful on who you try and pick a fight with. Where's your respect. Didn't you Master teach you that?" "My Master became my mate and yes he did but not to the one who are like you." Her words tasted like venom. "And who is your mate, may I ask?" But before he could answer he saw the mark on her wrist. "The Vixx Clan huh?" "Well I'm sorry princess, please don't let the princes hear about this." He said and turned to me. "I'll see you around Areum" he said and walked off. Nisha and I hurried to the car and drove back home. When we got back the Master's were already up and moving around. I excuse myself and shut myself in my room.
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