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Lisbeth - Sword Art Online

I chose Lisbeth for this because I feel like I would totally be besties with her! I think that if I had gotten stuck in SAO, I probably would have gone down her route and started up my own blacksmith shop or something so I could help other characters without putting myself in the line of fire since I'd die immediately if I did that! So I feel like I might get into a little rivalry with Lisbeth just by competing with her on that front, but I feel like we'd bond over it, so it would be kind of a playful, friendly rivalry!

Honorable Mentions

This was actually really hard to think about, especially since I think I'd be the sweet, shy type of character who wouldn't really have a rival, like Hinata Hyuga from Naruto or Megumi Todokoro from Shokugeki no Soma (gave that one a second chance recently; so glad I did!). I mean I get a kick out of team rivalries and stuff, but I'm the type that just wants everyone to get along and be happy! Anyway here are a few other considerations I had for this; I think in any case, I'd be kinda screwed though!

Nonon Jakuzure - Kill La Kill

Similarly to my thoughts on Lisbeth, as a musical person, I could see myself getting into a little rivalry with Nonon, while at the same time being friends! She makes me miss my high school marching band days... I also considered Houka Inumuta, since I'm a computer person, too, but I think that would be more one-sided since I don't think I'm that skilled yet! (I'm sure I'm just underestimating myself, but no doubt he'd kick my ass anyway!)

Juvia Loxar - Fairy Tail

No way would I be Juvia's rival by choice, but it's no secret that Gray is probably my #1 anime crush, so if she ever found out, I'd be done for! Maybe I'll ask Lucy if I can borrow Natsu to throw her off my scent...
Hope you enjoyed! I suck at initiating contact, but I'm very receptive, so if you ever wanna chat, feel free to hit me up! I tend to be pretty friendly (I think), so don't be shy!
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Our attitudes are just too similar too now that I think about it. As much as I'm like Shikamaru I'm just as much like Kiba.
@SuperWolverBat yay another dog person! But yeah, I could see it!
I'm an dog person and I just think that as similar as I am to Kiba there'd have to be some tension. XD
Let's see, my anime rival... I've kinda thought that if I landed in Naruto the one guy who would give me crap for whatever reason would be Kiba Inuzuka.
@SuperWolverBat haha, really? why's that?