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Opening Theme song: From Nabari No Ou - Crawl by Veltpunch
Opening Theme song: From Code Grass: Lelouch of the Rebellion- Colors by Flow
Ending Theme song: From Fairy Tail (Ending 8) - Don't Think, Feel!!! by Idoling!!!
Ending Theme song: From Fairy Tail (Ending 10) - Boys Be Ambitious!! by Hi-Fi Camp
Note: I glanced at the English lyrics, so please don't judge too harshly. If I were in an anime, it would be an action-adventure genre. The romance would be subtle, developing as the show and the characters developed. Some episodes would be comedic while others had subtle comedic lines or moments. Drama and suspense would compliment each other just right. The two openings: "Crawl" and "Colors;" I listen to them while I run. Then the two endings: "Don't Think, Feel!!!" and "Boys, Be Ambitious," seem to complement the openings. To me, they are very motivational in fighting for the goals and dreams I aim to complete. That I'm not alone and can see the accomplishments I have made so far which means I definitely can't stop.
Thanks for reading