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alrighty this was an easy one yahohohohoho my rival would be souma from food wars! nothing is more fun than two skilled cooks going at it in a face to face cook off, I've been in mystery basket competitions (like chopped or iron chef) and they're awesome
now I separated the rival and enemy for a rival you face to prove your strength and valor, to show the one that can match your skill you are the best and have a good time doing it, but an enemy is one you need or want to fall no matter what and my enemy I won't go too deep in for spoilers and also it opens up so many wounds and feels, but sakasuki akainu is one I would train to defeat in a heart beat
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yahohohohoho @SymoneBelcher thank ya nakama
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@SunnyMing94 No problem
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Thats a cool choice
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@AutmnWinds yahohohohoho thank you nakama in all honesty it was a tough one they're so many great op's and ed's
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