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There are only TWO characters in anime that I see them as an enemy. I hate them so much I wish they would've died in the episode they came out.... So because they are only two I will include both in this card. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION!!!!
Akito Sohma from fruits basket (◣_◢) This woman was raised as a man because her mother wanted. And now she is head of the sohma family treated as a god. She brain washes everyone to believe that they need her. A f*cking psychopath. But I mean in her defense it was all her mother's fault. But still, all the other members were treated like sh!t too and didn't end up like that. I am still hoping she will become a better person but at the moment I wish her dead What is the real reason I hate her and see as my enemy???
Because she made Momji cry. THAT LITTLE PSYCHO B!TCH MADE MY DEAR CUTE MOMJI CRY!!!!! ヽ(`⌒´)ノ That really pisses me of because he is my favorite character in the series
Yuuki Kuran/Cross from Vampire knight oh ho ho don't let that cute face of hers fool you!! She is the most selfish vampire ever!! She was a girl that was found in the forest by Kaname Kuran a pureblood vampire who send Yuuki to Kaien Cross who adopted Yuuki then Zero. She had a crush on Kaname but also had something for Zero. Later,she found out she was actually a pureblood vampire and related to Kaname but she was like, "nope I still wanna f*ck him" drama, drama, Kaname kinda died so she was like, "oh ok he is dead let me go with Zero" blinded by love, Zero lived with Yuuki for like 1000 years until he too died. Yuuki later found a way to bring back Kaname by giving up her life so she killed herself and left her son (who's father is Zero) and daughter (who's father is Kaname) to the now human without memory Kaname. Why I see her as my enemy?: one, why couldn't she just choose one guy? Instead of thinking of them she hurt them with her silence! HOW SELFISH! two, Why the heck would she leave her two children alone with a guy who can't even remember who he is?!?! THINK OF THE KIDS! When someone is dead leave them dead, Woman!!!!! Also because through out the series she basically played with Zero's Feelings If I could I would've killed her the first time she came out. She is so useless and weak I could've killed her fast, but that would go against my beliefs so I would've pay someone to do it for me or just torture her until she is half dead.
How dare she?!?! It makes me mad because he was like my first ever anime crush ever. Ughhh anyways, Thank you for reading!! @hikaymm