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It is safe to admit that Lee Min Ho's movie "Bounty Hunters" is a hit, after the comedy drama earned a total of 35.6 billion won just two weeks after it hit the theaters in China. The movie also had a record-breaking opening in the country after it was screened 52,000 times and earned 9 billion won on July 2.
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China Box Office (CBO) on July 15 made the announcement about the two-week collective gross, which sets the record for the highest sales for a Chinese film that stars a Hallyu actor, Allkpop noted.
"Bounty Hunters" is a collaborative work of Chinese, South Korean and Hong Kong productions. Soompi reported that the comedy drama flick is the most-searched on Chinese sites Baidu and Weibo.
Korean actor Lee shares the screen with Chinese stars Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang and Jones Xu for "Bounty Hunters." They are also joined by Hong Kong actors Louis Fan Siu Wong and Karena Ng for the hit comedy drama flick.
29-year-old Lee continues to prove why he is one of the most sought-after Korean actors as he is all set to give his final shot in his acting career before he starts his mandatory military service; however, fans have nothing to worry about as they will be seeing more of Lee in his upcoming drama series "The Legend Of The Blue Sea."