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Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan), a renowned and handsome lawyer, is seen by others as cold and ruthless. After Yu-ping鈥檚 older brother dies in a car accident he has little choice but take in his brother's two orphaned children, Yu Fei and Yu Ting (their mother having abandoned them soon after their birth). Every nanny he hires to care for them is either scared off by the mischievous children or ends up trying to seduce him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. Having lost all their wealth when their mother died and being abandoned by their father after racking up heavy debts; Yang Duo can not ignore the fact that she needs the money and recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo (Ella Chen), for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she is a lesbian. But the tables are turned on Yu Ping as he ends up falling in love with his new nanny.

EPISODES: 16 (2010) GENRE: Romance, Comedy


Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan) is my favorite character from Down With Love for many reasons. One being that he is so cute when he smiles. I love his quirky personality. Yes at first he is hateful character that confuses you because he is kind of a jerk. He doesn't pay any attention to the children that he is taking care of and that's why the kids treat their nanny's horribly. Because they want his attention and for him to play with them but it never works until Yang Guo comes into the picture. Once Yu Ping falls in love with Yang Guo we see his sweet and endearing side which he usually hides. He tries his best to get her attention, I remember when he broke a vacuum on purpose and then called Yang Guo in the middle of the night to fix it when the vacuum was clearly fine to begin with. I love how he used to shutdown the beautiful women that babysat the kids. But when he met Yang Guo and saw her cute side. She stole his heart and it's so cute. She thinks that she is an ugly duckling, but not him. Yu Ping thinks that she is beautiful and that makes her smile! The amount of times he worried to himself that he can't like her because he always thought that she was a lesbian saddened me. I kept screaming at my scream, "NO SHES NOT!" It's so adorable when he gets giddy when he is on the phone with her or even thinks about her! >.<


Yang Guo (Ella Chen) is a tomboy who works hard to pay off her father's heavy debt that has pilled up ever since he disappeared. She is strong, independent and adorable woman who is just dumped by her boyfriend. This left her heartbroken but gave her a chance to move forward. She worked as a waitress and actually met Yu Ping for the first time while waitressing for him but wasn't in her right mind after just being dumped by her long term boyfriend. So, she kept messing up his order and even brought out a wrong order that he clearly told her that he didn't want. Yu Ping complains to the manager and gets her fired. Thus, her day is ruined even more. So, she doesn't have a job anymore or a boyfriend. Her sister is Yu Ping's secretary and asks if he could hire Yang Guo as his nanny since he needed one. She said that Yang Guo is a lesbian so there is no way she would fall in love with Yu Ping. Yang Guo has to pretend to be dating her best friend who already has a boyfriend and drama happens but good drama! I felt bad for her because she had to keep pushing Yu Ping away every time she started to develop feelings for him or else she couldn't be near him anymore. Yang Guo is a very likable female lead that doesn't annoy me in the slightest like others. She is funny, caring towards the kids she takes care of and adorable. She makes the cutest faces.


Yu Ping (Jerry Yan) and Yang Guo (Ella Chen) are like peanut butter and jelly. They get along together so well and are the perfect combination. I can't think of any two actors that could have complimented each other better. The chemistry with these two brings me back to Coffee Prince, a rare and sweet romance that is hard to come by in Drama Land! I love the sweet scenes that occurred that made you go, "YES, FINALLY IT'S HAPPENING!" But when it's over, you think to yourself. "It's done already?" I wanted more of this adorable couple. I love when they were desperate to see each other and would make up whatever excuse just to see the other person. I want to watch this drama again just because of this couple and watch them fall in love all over again!


Qi Ke Zhong (Architect) and Yang Dou (Yang Gou's sister) are complicated. Yang Dou has always had a crush on Ke Zhong ever since they met. The thing is that when she was younger she met a boy when it was raining, they were in the woods and her gave her a book to cover herself from the rain. It was an architect book, she kept it until now and cherishes it. She later finds out that Ke Zhong is that boy and that makes her like him even more. Yang Duo is heartbroken when she finds out that he likes her sister Yang Guo but is determined to make him like her. Even till the end. In the end of the drama, they are in a complicated relationship. Not knowing if they are dating or wanting to date. I don't find Ke Zhong really all that attractive, PLEASE DONT HATE ME!!! There is another guy who works with Yang Dou that likes her and might steal her away from Ke Zhong but we will never know because it leaves it off to your imagination who you want her to be with and I want her to be with her coworker. He's adorable!


"Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni" by Jerry Yan I didn't know that he sang this song but I like the song, it's got that sway and bubbly feeling to it which I adore. "Zhi Wei Ai Shang Ni" by S.H.E. is my favorite song from the show because it's so upbeat, fun and happy.


Heck YEAH! It's has character, there isn't many shows that involve children like this one and Oh! My Lady for example. So, it's nice to see something different. It's got the poor girl, rich boy scenario which is good in my opinion I've been a fan of that for a while now. But they put a twist to it. The girl usually doesn't work for the rich guy but in this she does. Of course it has a love triangle, except the 2nd male lead was too late in love so he lost like most. XD There's a story with the sister in the past and a book. The drama gives off Coffee Prince vibes because it's a Rich guy/Poor girl drama with a tomboy looking girl. They're both classic dramas that all drama lover should watch.


"Down With Love" is know my 2nd favorite Taiwanese drama after "Just You" which I also recommend because the main leads have amazing chemistry as well as this couple! This drama has so much going for it, and I'm glad I found it. I love everything about it. The only thing that I think was a little lacking was the soundtrack but it is an older drama so I don't hold that against it because even though it's a little older the music is still pretty good. I think they could've chosen a better 2nd male lead, because this one wasn't that great but I love the rest of the cast members. Especially the main couple, again the chemistry is up there for them and I loved it! Amazing plot that made me hooked, I loved how it made me tear up sometimes and made me super happy. The kiss scenes were on par and didn't lack at all. They held the chemistry till the end. I loved so many things about this drama, it had a happy ending as do most Taiwanese dramas do which makes me extremely happy! I finished this drama on a happy note and wanted more. I still want more!


9.5/10 - I love it sooooooo MUCH! I definitely recommend this drama to my fellow romantic/comedy lovers and drama lovers. This is one that you can get hooked on and never stop watching!

Have you watched "Down With Love", and did you like it?

Awesome review as always!! I loved this show as well. It was good. I watched it twice!!!
Great review! I think i only watched the music video because the them song was popular but I never got the time to watch it. I was too busy when it came out and I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! I liked Ella's chemistry with Wu Chun in Hana Kimi so I will have to add this one to my list. =)
@MyAffairWith I totally agree!
@Mavis2478 it isn't 馃槕 we need more hours in a day for that, like 48
@biancadanica98 @MyAffairWith 24 hours a day is not enough when you watch kdramas馃様
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