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So Im going to watch an anime for 2 reasons 1.I want to try not crying in it. 2. I need a new anime. So i wanted to know which out of these 4 should i do.
If some of the anime's i listed are not sad enough to y'all or there's 'another' anime you think i should watch please tell me. (No i havent seen another)
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@Yatosgirl They are both very very very good! but you'll cry more in clannad xD lol btw, you should check out "Relife" it's sooo good, if you're into romance
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Alright cool. Who knows you may not cry. I didn't but the depression was real haha. Good luck @Yatosgirl
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black bullet was great but didn't end. re:Zero will mess with every emotion you have
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guilty crown those options you have are good though, black bullet seems interesting
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