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안녕하세요 친구!

I swears I thought I did one but here's another one lol.

1: How did you first get into BTOB?

-It was kinda like both my sister's fault and YouTube fault lol.

2: Who is your BTOB bias?

-So Mondays-Saturdays it's Peniel!! ♡ -Sundays: Ilhoon (ㅋㅋㅋ)

3: How long have you been on Vingle?

I forgot...I think towards the end of 2014 beginning of 2015. ~\°_°/~

4: Favourite BTOB song or Era?

-Favourite BTOB song is Wow since it was the first song I was introduced to. ^_^

5: Who is your UB?

-Until they stop being so dangerously handsome I won't have one...there's too many but I do love love Sung-kyu oppa ♡_♡ but I wouldn't say he's my UB.

6: Who is your Bias Group?

-...loading as well lol But I listen to everyone.

7: How long have you been a Melody?

-Not that long...about 2 years.

8: Do you have a favourite BTOB hairstyle?

-Yes and no...currently favoring their Remember That hairstyles. Especially Peniel hat jeje

9: Have you posted a card about BTOB before?


10: Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.

☆I'm multi-lingual ☆Totally housewife material lol (seriously I cooked that) ☆Not a sweet tooth person, especially no chocolate. ☆I collect stickers @_@ ☆Major boxing fanatic
Monday-Saturday it's Peniel. Sundays: Ilhoon.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!1
@LemonLassie wahh really? I must meet this other person jaja
@IsoldaPazo you're not the first person ive met that doesnt like chocolate
@LemonLassie like if I had to choose, then yes no chocolate
omg NO CHOCOLATE!? Wow Thats my only sweet tooth heehee