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My favorite color beside Hot Pink was Black!!! and as I was trying to clean up my closet today.... is almost all blacks.... I don't even know why!!!...I just like the "darkness" look so elegant but mysterious.!!!
Here is TOP in Black with hot pink shirt!!!
All black leather jacket, black jeans!!! and that black leather gloves...♡♡♡♡
All black from top to bottom.... oh my your eyes are so Sexy!!!!
Black suit with leaper print collar and poka dot shirt (two of my favorite pattern)
And the MADE concert outfit... he look so good in black with cowboy hat and Chanel necklace!!! and that nice green sapphire ring he has on!!!!
All black suit and shirt with red scraf to lighten it up!!!...Tabi... no need red...your face is already the "spot light" ♡♡♡♡!!!!
Even without his face... he sure know how to bring on the "Spot Light" with touch of magic!!!!
@KwonOfAKind as TOP MoD...I can't live without a daily dose of Tabi😍😍😍😍
I was wondering were the "mom" was ...and here she is falling all over super sexy TOP in black ~~~💃💃💃💃