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Finally getting around to this.. So.. leggo How did you first get into BTOB... Uhm... I watch a huge kpop playlist and they played randomly... Lol
Who is your BTOB bias? First I decided on Ilhoon... I had a debate with myself on who to bias and Ilhoon won over Changsub amd Eunkwang But now I gave up Ilhoon and my bias is the sweet Changsub. Ilhoon still has a piece of my heart tho. Love you bebes
How long have you been on Vingle? I don't know?? I don't even remember exactly when I got into k-pop officially... How am I supposed to remember this? If I had to guess... I've been on a little less than a year? Maybe... Now I think I'm wrong.... uh.. Forget that
What is your favorite BTOB song or era? I don't have one I don't listen to them much, they come up every once in awhile on my computer so I don't have a favorite song I don't have a favorite era because I don't watch their music videos.. I watched a few once so.. Yeah.. Lame I know I'm sorry
Who is your UB? Jung Taekwoon and Kwon Jiyong, if you couldn't tell by my Vingle name lol. They are my babies
Who is your bias group? VIXX, Big Bang, B.A.P, Madtown, and History are my top 5 bias groups
How long have you been a Melody? I dunno... Not even a year yet... Do you have a favorite BTOB member hair style? No I don't
Have you posted a card about BTOB before? Yeah
Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.. Aish I hate these parts... 1- I'm anime obsessed (I used to be and still am called Lance Corporal Levi by anime obsessed people close to me, I'm proud of the title.) 2- I listen to just about every genre of music (except country, I only like a few country songs but never listen to them) 3- I have a lot of obsessions, when I like something I become very passionate about it and end up loving it with all my heart. (Which is probably why I like over 100 different k-pop groups and artists oops) 4- I... draw a little? 5- I'm not good at doing these 5 things about yourself things. Like.. What am I supposed to say
ahh too cute..Yeah too many kpop songs and oppas and young oppas to choose from ajaja
Joji, you are adorable
Super adorable. Why were you worried I wouldn't like it?
@LemonLassie Thaanks 😳