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What's up everybody!! Its your girl the VP of BO$$E$ Squad @MarrickeJ33 here. Some of you may know who I am and most of you don't, so I'm gonna introduce myself to all of you. Without further adieu here we go!
My name is Marricke' and I'm 27 years old. My name is a combination of both my parents name. My favorite color is purple and my favorite number is 33. I love to play sports, especially basketball. I have also played volleyball as well. I love listening to all kinds of music and I love to dance. I go by either M, MJ or MK haha. Either nickname is fine by me. I love them all.
Along with being a part of the BO$$E$ SQUAD, I'm also part of a personal squad named BBMG Squad with four other beautiful ladies @BBXGD @PandaQueenBee @dayashley11 @LocoForJiyong
I got into K Pop first from my cousin and then my sister back in 2012. So I'm still somewhat new to the k poo scene.. But I must say it was like love at first sight haha... It took me by storm. My favorite artists: Big Bang,Simon D., Gray, G. Soul, Ailee and that's just to name a few. All of AOMG crew
THE MAN THAT ROPED ME IN!!! This little punk right here has seriously taken over my playlists. He is by my favorite artist... I mean I guess he can be my UB lol I found out about Jay Park when he had his first solo album. Then I found out he was in 2 PM. His music and his lyrics are amazing. A great artist. But that voice and those dance moves are what drives me. It makes me wanna get out there and dance ❤❤
These are just a few of my favorite videos of his!! The songs and those dance moves.
@MarrickeJ33 yes lol
@MarrickeJ33 hi I love you
@MarrickeJ33 finally I meet someone that's the same age and have similar likes as I do.
@MarrickeJ33 you really are pretty and beyond beautiful I am happy to call you my friend
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