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Cheese, cheese, cheese. Why does cheese have to be so delicious?
OMG ....Staaaaaphhhhhh please ... I'm packing on the LBS just looking at these pics!!!
@divalycious : Lol~ I wish I could eat all day without gaining weight, but pictures are the only thing I can consume endlessly >.<
@Aero2042 ... not for me the pics are making me cook stuff ... made lasagna a few days ago ... wahhhhh :'(
@divalycious : That's so cool~ I really admire people who can cook. Wish I could... Haha, but eating good food and eating a lot of good food is ok as long as you do it "responsibly." Lasagna sounds so good right now > <
@Aero2042 the crust looks so crispy ... salivating already. @divalycious haha lasagne. I was looking at it today.